Samsung E770

Samsung E770

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  • Domino
  • PW7
  • 30 Jun 2007

Good phone, except for the soft volume because their is no exterior loudspeaker. Better get the similar Nokia 6267 when available.

    • s
    • sarah
    • mqy
    • 27 Jun 2007

    to rebecca who wanted to no about privacy locking... u should have recieved a book with phone teling u the password to unlock it an then u put ur own one in, im sure its 0000 but check first

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • mVH
      • 23 May 2007

      I had this phone and loved it. Unfortunatly it was stolen so i'm looking for this but better.

        • B
        • Billy
        • w4y
        • 17 Apr 2007

        No need to buy this phone. Good size and good camera but still an old Samsung, with all the defaults it implies. The new U600 is the one !!!!

          • w
          • wombat
          • PP}
          • 11 Apr 2007

          This would be the worst phone I have ever had. I "locks up", ie won't make or take calls until I turn it off & then on again. This problem is intermittant, so I don't know when it is "locked up". Samsung refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem. Also, the ringer is too soft. Like many others, I miss most calls. Can't wait for the contract to expire so I can go back to Nokia.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • m58
            • 08 Apr 2007

            hi can anybody tell me what the dance track that is preloaded on this phone is pls it is very important and i cant seem to find out anywhere

              • T
              • Toto
              • ijv
              • 15 Feb 2007

              Volume of ringing tones is far too low, miss nearly every call. Cannot send MMS also, but don't know if it comes from the phone or not. Otherwise good quality for cheap price. But time for me to buy a Nokia 7390 tomorrow

                • L
                • Lisa
                • iLR
                • 11 Feb 2007

                After reading sum of these comments about im glad i ant the only one having problems i havent had this fone not even 6 months the battery life ,i cant receive or send out fotos. The volume isnt loud my old one woz louder than this like the size of the fone and the camera is gud but wished i hadnt brought this fone x x

                  • c
                  • cypriotboy
                  • n{k
                  • 09 Feb 2007

                  I have this phone 6 months now and it starts to turn pink... b-a-d, bad....
                  anyone else with the same problem???

                    • n
                    • nuts
                    • PYM
                    • 07 Feb 2007

                    you are seeing the butterfly because the image file is too big...2mp or higher images shows up as the butterfly, but if you transfer it to a pc, you will see it.

                      • S
                      • Silly Willy
                      • PWq
                      • 06 Feb 2007

                      And now 150 euros in Bangkok ! Beats every other Samsung phones

                        • S
                        • Silly Willy
                        • PWq
                        • 06 Feb 2007

                        Everything is great with this phone : memory, camera, size, looks...but for me there is one thing which made me sell it : the ringtones are far too soft, missed many calls. Otherwise great phone.
                        Will buy the Nokia 6290, bigger but with dual speakers.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • P$e
                          • 06 Feb 2007

                          hi all,

                          How many sms messages can u receive?

                            • S
                            • Sjaak
                            • md@
                            • 31 Jan 2007

                            This is a bad phone. The battery is in 1 day empty.

                              • s
                              • spidy
                              • TS7
                              • 28 Jan 2007

                              Hey..can you help me,why sometimes i can't recieve pictures when someone send me by others handphone.It can't open the display is like butterfly or question mark. And its also happen when i put pictures by memory card reader through the computer...please help me..thanks before

                                • s
                                • secretz
                                • 4XZ
                                • 28 Jan 2007

                                i want to download ringtones but i dont know how. Can someone help me?

                                  • S
                                  • S3RiOUS
                                  • mV2
                                  • 21 Jan 2007


                                  he is asking a default code.
                                  default samsung phone code is ofcourse can change it....

                                    • I
                                    • Ian
                                    • mZ9
                                    • 17 Jan 2007

                                    I love the phone !! I have it since this summer. The camera could be a little better though....
                                    Greetz from Holland

                                      • c
                                      • cosmin
                                      • nDJ
                                      • 13 Jan 2007

                                      This phone have a TV-output??u can see pictures and document on a tv?

                                        • r
                                        • rebecca
                                        • MSR
                                        • 13 Jan 2007

                                        on my security settings i would like to know how to put a privacy lock on my messages and photos but i dont know how? it ask me for a pass word?