Samsung Epic 4G

Samsung Epic 4G

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2011I don't know how Android so popular! I used to use Palm Pre. For... moreif u wanna write any good(about epic 4g) then post here... other fuck off dude!!!!

  • Zaph

ganesh, 20 Jun 2011is it wotrh to buy this phone? mainly concern to battary lifeI have had this phone for almost a year and i got to say it is a great phone, it supports all games ive seen/heard about, i can video chat, i got over 5 gigs of music on it (with my 16g SD card i bought for 10 dollars) it has a slide keyboard so i dont have to mess up texting with the strictly touch screen keyboard. it serves all purposes for me, although its not as fast as some of the newer phones ive seen, dunno how much this phone is now but when i bought it, it was 700 dollars and i got it for 250-300 when i signed up for a 2 yr contract with sprint and that was back in december of 2010

  • Bang3Lang

Perfect SmartPhone!

  • todd

Just go this phone for a g2. It is amazing

  • cr14mson

When I email from this phone, it shows the HTML formatting . Anyone know how to fix this problem?

  • sporty883low

I have both the Epic 4G and the EVO 4G...personally, I like the EVO better, it's faster and the HTC UI is just better for me.

Although, if it were pure business, and I prefer pure function and stripped of all the other stuff? I still like my BB Bold over any other smarthphones. It just works better for emails, etc.

  • AnonD-15426

can anybdy tell me tht where is d FM RADIO in this phone, m unable to find it out?? m having dis phone for last 2 weeks n failed to get RADIO. THNX

  • AnonD-11424

I wanna order an unlocked Epic 4g from, but I just found out that it lacks a sim card slot.

How can one get it to work with another cdma network in another country?

  • Anonymous

I don't know how Android so popular! I used to use Palm Pre. For multi tasking, this operating system is lousy and doesn't even come close!! Also, you will be out of battery by 5pm! For music player when the screen is locked, you have to unlock the screen in order to go to the next track which is a pain!

  • hepyguy

cn anybdy tell me tht where the hell is FM RADIO in this phone?? i hv got the phone n still unable to find it??

  • ganesh

Spooks, 29 Jan 20115 stars only thing is battery drains to quicklyis it wotrh to buy this phone? mainly concern to battary life

  • AnonD-11353

$50! at bestbuy with 2year contract, its better than the nexus s and has an led alert notifier,a dedicated camera button,physical qwerty keyboard, and has the look of the nexus s too, also the verizon charge has the same specs as the nexus s & nexus s 4G except that it has a super amoled screen,also its a bigger screen too. but the specs down to the ram are the same. so its a better buy.

  • Anonymous

devilvision666, 03 Apr 2011yeah, i was also wonderin if it's screen resistant. i haven't re... morehai.. where u bought..?? bcos i dont want to have any CDMA servises.., r there any option to buy only phone.. without any CDMA plans.. if its there wat will be the price..?? weather is it possible to use this phone in india..?? plz let me know..

  • aikaly

Is it flash player supported??

  • Anonymous

how much?

  • Gawuk tembem

I think that best product

  • miketurner

Next week I will have in my hands the Epic 4G, I can't wait. Greetings from México.

  • Anonymous

Cheezi1, 19 Jan 2011I 've had this phone for a couple of weeks and cant stop from lo... moreNo you werent, its just that the phone has numerous background processes that go on because of the android os and take up some of your ram. Mine is the same way

  • Saurabh

kobe, 24 Mar 2011Is its screen scratch resistant ?Yes, I've tried it, it is very much scratch resistent, you can also watch youtube videos on the Gorilla Glass Protecter