Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • mimz

i had this phone.the camera is amazing,easy to use and can browse easily....
its it!

  • Uzzy

Had this phone for almost 2 yrs now. Works great cam is superb comapred to BB and nokia. Pic qualty is excellent works great in any network area. 3G coverage is excellent, love it and would recommend to anyone anytime. Samsung makes one of the best phones.

  • Alex

i've been using this handset for 16 months now. it does it for me, i mean, camera is ok as long you use during the day only: flash is not strong enough; internet browsing is superfast, as long you are on a 3g coverage area; widgets are limited but more can be downloaded from samsung website or f480 widgets application website- operator charges apply, overall is a good phone. mind you folks: these handsets are just like mini-computers therefore they need to have softwares updates every 3 to 6 months in order to work smoothly, so stop complaining and plug it into your computer once you load the software that comes with it: its called maitainance hard-heads!

  • waqar

If it would have Wlan option, it would be the good and reasonable price set for pakistani. Even till now, i liked this set.

  • max

i am using this sumsong f480 and it keep on freezing every 2mts

  • shakira

i am using this handset now,i was not able to using globe but i cant access the internet...can anyone help me?tnx

  • Alexc

LEX, 08 May 2010This is by far the worst phone i have ever had. I have wasted al... morebad luck

  • Alex

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2010hi.......please help me out and tell that how can i use facebook... moredownload a facebook application for you F480. All you have to do is go internet browser, type , log in then on bottom page and download the facebook application for your phone

  • Nick

super, 04 Oct 2010i want to buy a phone so i wanted to know if this phone runs on... moreI own it now. I can tell you: no. This one runs on a bad os. Even its widgets download is not even reach 100 widgets.

  • super

i want to buy a phone
so i wanted to know if this phone runs on Android os
can any1 tel me?

  • faisal

can i intallation garmint n Wifi for f480?

  • Faizal

can u tell the default code for samsung F480
Tanks A lottttttttttttt

  • Faizal

kenneth, 30 Sep 2010how to used 3g cam?Just press long hold on came
than u can !!!!!

  • Anonymous

is that telephone compatible with samsung wep-350 wep350 universal bluetooth headset??? please anyone knows???

  • kenneth

how to used 3g cam?

  • zinia zahin

the PERFECT cell a girl could ever have...i

  • Anonymous

im looking to buy a new phone and this one is a great price. i know two people that own one but from some of the comments on here i am now unsure wether to get it or not any suggestions ?

  • N

i am using this phone almost a year now, it's great, but some video files are not supported , no real player for, as the case in nokia, and skype or nimbuzz not supported also,any help for this

  • jatrin

my f480 sansung is nt instaling java games and themes software of it why so or how to install

  • plonker

Battery life is great... the only thing i find is on alot of occasions the phone will dial out but then the other person cannot hear you speak, anybody else experienced this???