Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • lostinusa

I totally agree with everyone on this , Where is the wifi. Whats the point of going through all this effort to produce this model without including wifi? I the iphone didn't have wifi, it would be yet another pseudo failure like apple tv. But its the wifi that makes things exciting, being able to surf [for free] on a large screen at home or in the coffee shop.

  • bob

no WLAN/ what? Big mistake

  • kevin

Samsung Prada!??? lol

  • saji

model looks good,some doubts.what is the processor speed ? what is the price in india?

  • LikeM8

No wifi??? so its a mistake!!!!

  • Nijesh

hip hip hurray !!! i am the first one to post an opinion here.

Samsung you deserve it, unless it has a xenon flash, image stabilizer, a good battery backup & a great sound quality, if it has all this, then it will be surely a choice for most of the mobile freakers.