Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • Anonymous

no wlan?? what were they thinking?!!

  • Anonymous

just another featureless clone

  • irina

i love the phone .and i wont to get 1 but i cant get it yet?why

  • Anonymous

A definate copy cat of the LG Prada phone, but much wider & less good looking!!

Thumbs down for Samsung...

...What a shame!!!

  • aanonna

this is a very good looking set but i think as it is a touch screen set this is a problem for me. so if the set have the option without touch screen, i will consider then

  • Anonymous

phone that looked this good should have wi-fi. i think this is just for fashionistas.

  • gerb

This phone, and its brother the f490, have left me confused. With both we are told they dont have autofocus, and then when GSMarena write up the stats, they do?!
So would someone who was perhaps at the show in barcelona tell me if it has autofocus or not?
Many thanks, since it is such a gorgeous phone!

  • Anonymous

this is totaly a coppy ofr motorola's 765423 touch screen

  • Anonymous

nah, viewty is better:
viewty has fm radio this- none
viewty has divx player dis- none
viewty has 120fps dis- 30fps
viewty has 240* 400 dis- 240*320
viewty has 3" screen dis- 2.8
viewty has ati redeye dis- none
dis is still a nice phone though.

  • Anonymous

looks better then prada, and is going to be better then prada. it will match right up with the viewty though.


Wow, cant wait.

  • Khalil

gREAt!!! but i know this is quite expensive but it's ok !!!! hahahahah!!!!! gud news!!! loking forward to have this on my bare hand....

  • P

Looks so much better then Prada and all other touch screen phones.. Im gonna get this one!

  • ozaru

bad phone!!!, no wi-fi, no symbian

  • Anonymous

i know lg and samsung are d same company but wtf, taking ur padners designs so boldly come on this 1 is to obvious, come man!

  • Anonymous

It miight look like the Prada, but the functions are ten times better.

  • Pep

Vieuwty/Prada rip off, but still it looks good!
Only to bad no WiFi.... That would make the phone complete!

  • haha

What a rip off of the prada phone.

  • gsluvr!!

wha were they thinking by not including wifi

this thing just wont work

  • bossin it

viewty samsung style only worse