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Samsung F480

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  • ~*Bridence*~

I was considering LG Viewty but i wasnt keen on the fact that it was LG, same features and alot better brand/reliability. I would gladly own this phone :)

  • Newbie

The F480 will not work with stylus, as the touch screen is design to react to the tip of the your fingers only. There is an upcoming version for China market, however, that will. I will be waiting for that one ;) patience is a virtue!

  • Abbie

Newbie, 04 Jun 2008Hi guys, had the phone for a few days now and it is just fantast... moreHii,
Im Looking To Change My Phone In A Months Time And I Read Your Report About It Having A Stylus And Was Wondering If You Found Out If There Was One Compatible With The Phone?
Please Reply To,

  • Newbie

Hi guys, had the phone for a few days now and it is just fantastic. Head and shoulders above everything else.

Just one question though, can anyone advise on whether samsung sell a stylus compatible with this phone?

  • NRW

christina, 04 Jun 2008heyyy i keep tryin to find out what ur askin as well bout settin... moreConfirmed there is no way to change colours or themes on this phone. Very strange, almost like they forgot to put the option in!
Other than that I think the phone is perfect.

  • Sids81

The Camera on the front is for using 3G Video Calling, and as for the dialing display - the colour is fixed and cant be changed. I think in the GSMArena review it also mentions this. It is confusing as the menus are virtually identical to other sammy phones, which do include the themes option. Sadly, the 480 doesnt

  • christina

NRW, 03 Jun 2008Someone previously mentioned you can customise the themes, but i... moreheyyy i keep tryin to find out what ur askin as well bout setting ur own colour for things on ur phone there isnt such option is there not dat i can find anyways!


can someone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me how you set the themes and numbers on dial or background to your own colour....someone on here sed u can but i have tryed every option and there aint such option to do this!!!

u can only set the background black or white:( write bk please if you no????

and also what is da camera thing for on the front of the phone if u cant even take a picture of ur self wat the hell??

  • Bobo

Nik C, 02 Jun 2008Hi Had the phone since friday. I am very happy with it.. ... moreNik C,

I think the T Mobile assistant told you to change it to ĎGSMí and not 'GPS'. I donít know how you do this on the F480, but I do know how to this on my MDA Vario III.

Glad you finally got the phone. I'll be purchasing it in a couple of weeks though

  • Alex

Jimmy, 03 Jun 2008Alex - once you download google maps, does it cost to use the se... moreI am not entirely sure to be honest as i am on an unlimited data plan (which i would highly recomend as the youtube service is excellent) so i dont know but i would imagine it would cost, however it is run by java on the handset so i realy cant say for sure! Sorry! Just get the unlimited data plan! It is necesity with this phone....available from o2 free on £35 pm over 18mnths for free, cant realy knock that!

  • O.G

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD: This device/Samsung have delivered what they promised. It's slick, potable, smart, stylish, excellent display, practical (should I go on?). Even the battery life is very good for a touch screen handset. Donít get me wrong, there some blips (very minor) but mostly technical or heavy users will notice it, which can be fixed with software upgrade or vendorís config system. But my rating is 9/10.

  • d33

It's a great pity that this phone doesn't have Wifi and no VGA resolution display.

I think, with this 2 technical features this phone would be a perfect touchphone....:-/

  • cranial

plannin to get this phone by next wk. just decidin between networks... mainly o2 or orange... can anyone who has this phone on these networks pls tell me about the 3g speeds on em'... which ones better?

  • Jay

I bought mine sim free from phones4u for only £299.95, cheaper than both CPW and
The phone is fun to play with, but I'm not completely filled with joy with it, it's missing little things (that my W810i had), like emoticons/smileys in the text composer, I feel im gonna get bored with the look of the menu pretty quick (customizable options: white or black background) and also I don't know if anyone elses does this, but when you take a photo with the camera, it takes the pic, shows you a very high quality image for a split second then blurs it all?! very weird, I have yet to see what the image come out like on a PC.
Overall I like the phone, and am glad I bought it.

  • NRW

Ramos, 03 Jun 2008hi everyone...actually I've asked a few questions before...but n... moreYes you can use mp3 for message tone, and no you can't use the front camera for photos. It's fairly low quality just for 3G calls.

  • Ramos

Alex_50cents, 31 May 2008Right, just went out to car phone warehouse and had a play aroun... morehi Alex_50cents...did U already bought Samsung F480?is yes,can I ask U a few question..firstly,can I set my MP3 as my message ringtone?..secondly..can I take my photo using the front camera...I mean as my self potrait....thank you very much...

  • Jimmy

Alex, 03 Jun 2008*** Quick message *** Full Google maps are available for this... moreAlex - once you download google maps, does it cost to use the service? As in do you need a internet connection on your phone to make a journey etc..

  • Ramos

hi everyone...actually I've asked a few questions before...but no one answer it...please anyone kindly answer it coz I really want to get this question is...firstly,can we set MP3 as our message tone...secondly is,can we take our photo using the front camera...I mean as our self potrait for example...thanx everyone..bye

  • NRW

Someone previously mentioned you can customise the themes, but i have been through every menu and with the exception of changing the menu screen background from white to black there doesn't seem to be any. Also has anyone noticed if you have the screen hold on it comes up with different (and nicer) backgrounds then the ones given as wallpapers. These do not appear in any of the files stored on the phone. Any ideas?!

  • Alex

*** Quick message ***

Full Google maps are available for this phone, simply go to the google mobile site>More>Download goole maps (Works absoloutley brilliantly! so handy