Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • Quentin Peegloss

I did have had this phone for around one year and it is excellent in audio quality, The construction of the phone is sound and no sharp edges etc.
The phones battery was still going strong but i put this down to a full charge when bought new so this makes the battery last longer in normal use.

The screen is clear and is fit for purpose
The phone i think will be still going but i have no way of knowing as a thieving Muslim asylum seeker mugged me on the way home on the tube .

I recommend this phone and the only drawback is the thieving Muslim asylum seekers as they are attracted to the TOCO like flys around a camels arse.

  • davidj

please can somebody help. just bought the f480 and was updating my phonebook all of a sudden everything was lost all phonebook entries disappeared. started putting them back but shows ''empty'' all the time. did I press something wrong. please help

  • Anonymous

if youre looking for bad customer service, shop assistants and store managers that lie??...then look no further. "All Phones" in Chermside, Qld, Australia will treat you like crap. That is what they do best!!

  • kshitiz

jaswal, 20 Oct 2009i using 2 cell more nokia N 95 and nokia 6288 .ya f 480 nice cel... morewhen u r in front screen then press the button of increasing volume. there u will find sound and vibration control

  • Satish

Can I record voice call ??

  • Alex

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2009Hello brothers i am planning to but this can any one suggest s... moreyes it is a nice little phone, powerfull nice to looka at , fast and colorful

  • Anonymous

Hello brothers
i am planning to but this can any one suggest should i proceed for this or not

reply me as soon as possible

  • praveen tripathi

i have purcahsed this phone before 3 months, but same day i have got hanging problem & other. so i will never suggest to anybody for purcahse this pcs..

  • Anonymous

is there any twitter application available for f480? please help guys.

  • Jess

I have been using this phone for 11 months now. it served me well until recently it decided to cause problems.

The screen goes BLUE suddenly then turn to GREEN. And it stayed that way for a very long time. Fustrated, i took out the battery, memory card, SIM card and left it for a while then tried to on again. It works, i was able to switch it on, HOWEVER, its screwed up. The phone automatically dial my last dialled number many times. I tried to cancel, it keep going back to calling the number.

When there is an incomin call, i cant press the button to ans my call. Sad, i loved this phone, guess have to change to a new one now...

  • Besmiri

No Wireless....This is mission failed....

  • ted

hi i hope somebody can help me i just bought an 8gb microSDHC for my phone and im not sure if it is compatible with the phone. is there a difference between microSD and microSDHC type of memory card?

  • Anonymous

Which is better F480 or Samsung Star?

  • Shipan

hbk, 19 Oct 2009hey friend,i have to buy f480 but i am confused between f480 and... moreMust go for XM 5800. Read my detailed opinion about F480 below.

  • Ajit R Kumar, Salem

hbk, 19 Oct 2009hey friend,i have to buy f480 but i am confused between f480 and... moreXM 5800 is better choice then Samsung F480. It havn't Wi-Fi and many things.

  • jaswal

i using 2 cell more nokia N 95 and nokia 6288 .ya f 480 nice cell but when a call coming at cell the sound level and vibration is to slow.many time i miss my call because i not here ring tune or not feel vibration they are to slow in max volume,i feel that the only disadvantage this cell.cell look pritty good. Sound quality good.

  • Anonymous

i have been using dis phone for last 6 months and i found that its camera is worst than that of 2mp camera , the application cannot be minimised , you cannot update your phone,cannot use secondary camera , no wifi , cannot install software form computer , sound quality is bit down . i would just say that its waste of money .

  • hbk

JJ, 17 Oct 2009Great phone, had it for a year now. No problems, great looks, gr... morehey friend,i have to buy f480 but i am confused between f480 and nokia xm5800............can you tell me which one is good?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2009DONT buy it trust me i sell it and its crap i get are problem an... moreToi parler fran├žais??

  • Richaa

i hav dis cell.. n i found it good.. but d biggest problem in dis cell is.. ki. i doesn't store.. much of sms's n d quality of d camera is not soo good where as it is 5.0 mega pixel..n evn d sound system.. is very low...!!