Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • tons

Hi guys. i just bought this phone last week. it's awesome. i want to customize it or make it more useful.just wondering if you know any website that supports this unit? where can i download themes and games for this unit? thanks so much =)

  • Anonymous

brian, 30 Jul 2009i want to buy this one but i dont know where can i buy the orig... moreso what if its made in china? there are also apple products made in china. not all china products are that bad ok.

  • davey

elow people!i'm currently using this fone right now.
but right now i'm having a problem with the lcd.its not working!could anyone here know if this kind of problem can still be repair?please?i need some answers from you guys?

  • Geog :)

this phone is awesome :)
only draw back is that it has no stylus :(
but other than that it's a great phoneeee :)

  • Anonymous

does anyone have a problem with video calling. help me please

  • mar

where can i buy LCD Lens Touch Screen Glass with Digitizer for this phone? I'm from philippines.. tnx

  • mar

how can i remove the white dirt in my lcd screen? it seems to be inside the lcd. I can't remove it even if you wipe the screen..please help.

  • Anonymous

c",), 15 Aug 2009The photos taken are pixelated and not sharp. doesn't look like ... moretry uploading it to your PC and you'll see why it's 5MP, dumbo. The reason why it appeared pixelated on your phone screen is because the file is too large that it comes out cannibalized. Try to zoom it out. Just try, dumbo.

  • c",)

The photos taken are pixelated and not sharp. doesn't look like 5mp, in fact worst than 2mp. I have updated the firmware few times but only can see very slight improvement. anyone has solution regards to the camera quality ?

  • bernie

where to download its games and how to insall

  • MYSamsung Mobile Pro

answers for bestman question:-

check ur memory card, 8GB SD or 8GB SDHC. F480 ONLY read SDHC memory card (4GB & 8GB).

- instead of Kingston brand, u should try Sandisk brand.

pls reply, if u still facing the same problem.

  • Alex

i've got one and just does fine. You can use the internet, search, send instant messages to yahoo, msn , etc. it has nice little widgets that can be updated throug out the day depending on your settings. it is always wise to have an internet package to use it all. check with your network provider.

  • Morgan

bestman, 14 Aug 2009Hey can someone tell me why it is the spec sheet says up to 8GB ... moreIn reply to the person asking about the 8GB memory card.

I got a MircoSD 8GD memory card and it worked fine. Maybe the memory card or mobile is faulty - it's best seeing about it.

Morgan xx

  • Pat

Does anybody know how I can count the number of SMS that were send?
I frequently pass the limit and have to pay a lot extra to my phone provider.

  • bestman

Hey can someone tell me why it is the spec sheet says up to 8GB upgradable memory card and when I purchased a kingston 8GB transflash micro card SD the phone says "cannot allow" when I try to access the memory card?
And I know the problem isn't the card I bought because it works fine on my digital camera.

  • vicky

does this phone have korean language interface?

  • sunny

how can i update farmware?

  • cody

i like this samsung but i see that it doesn't have GPS. Is it possible to download an application for GPS to install or something?

  • Vhen

If there's no Qwerty on the F480, how will you be able to send messages?
Sometimes you need to browse on the unit,
Like the cons they said about the Samsung g800, they said the camera sucks during night but it's not true..
you just have to adjust the ISO from 100 to 300 or 400 for a clearer image taken @ night or even on dark areas.

  • no name

why is this f480 samsung mobile not available in most of the mobile stores...??does it hav some draw backs.pls reply becos i really wnt this cell phone.