Samsung Galaxy A02

Samsung Galaxy A02

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  • John

I have this phone, it's very cool if you want it for basic use like for homework, etc not for gaming, I think samsung launched it for non-smartphone users like me.

  • Bz

Mine it takes 6hrs to full charge and battery doesn't last for a day and when u start using it boils

  • S

The phone isn't so bad... It's been a week of use and I haven't had an issue yet I play games such as episode, zombie catches, lady popular and sonic dash it works great

  • Cowboy tany

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2021I also need thats answerYep,go to accessibility >installed services and enable accessibility

  • Princekid

Wow the phone is so amazing the battery or about the phone is good

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2021I also need thats answerYes double tap power button and lower volume at once

  • Bittertruth101

KarlsonC, 22 Feb 2021bruh 28nm processor The phone is amazing, with internet and battery life, But it SUCKS when it comes to APPS Crashing, always crashing, from games to other things so ANNOYING

  • Anonymous

Tuntun, 24 Mar 2021Is there screenshot on SamsungA02?I also need thats answer

  • Annoemus

Don't buy this phone 28nm.. ew this is the worst samsung phone they realse this year instead buy samsung galaxy a02s

  • Anonymous

Ak786, 27 Jan 202128 mm processor is badwhat of other phone that is 12mn or 14mn even oppo a12 and 15 is 14mn and it uses octa core maybe this one dat was out this year was nt build to have a bigger processor the same with iphone frm 4 to iphone 7 bt others have good processor even samsung

  • Nice

Does the phone have call recording when in a call with someone?

Please help

  • Edmmanuel

Pls does this phone has paten and facial lock?

  • Tuntun

Is there screenshot on SamsungA02?

  • Iamgrue

The only advantage is the battery life.
You will get at least 2 days with internet and hotspot on. It also has a fast internet. Recommended as a second phone. My main phone is the Nokia 5.3

Very good phone for Roblox

  • Anonymous

Wow mmtk 28nm! Welcome to 2014!

  • E.M

Omg! I just notice it, this phone still use Quad Core CPU😰
I thought it was Octa Core..

  • Brst

The camary and prossesor no shape

Avoid this phone at all costs and go for the Energizer power max

  • Anonymous

Underpowered chipset, standard everything else. MicroUSB isn't all too bad when even Realme C15 has it honestly. Can it actually run online meeting apps tho...