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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020I've been using this phone for the past 9 months The ... moremy music player (Google play) is not playin

  • Anonymous

I've been using this phone for the past 9 months
The problem I've encountered are
1) very fragile screen, it fell on the floor and it shattered into pieces
2) went very laggy, after some months,
3) when a call comes it takes tones of seconds for it to show the calling screen
4) front camera very bad, after I updated it to Android 10, it was manageable the first few months
5) After some months, battery doesn't seem to last 5 mins=1% gone
6) video quality was good until after some months
7) Night photos or even in the dark ain't good at all(both selfie and rear)
Things I love this phone for:
1) Design, even tho it's pretty cheap people still seem to admire it, due to it's shiny back
2) rear camera is very sharp, in day light
3) Autofocus is the major boost, almost like iphone
4) Charging is okay for me tho, 3hrs and some minutes from 0% to 100%(sometimes faster) original cable, from the box.
Thanks for reading 😊

  • mindmenglish

not worth to buy in 2020 since redmi budget line with slighter higher specs is usd25 cheaper.

i bought dec 2019. overall good for basic stuff. i bought for the Wifi certified logo cause i use hotspot everyday and need stable hotspot.

cons: free space left with 21gb, after install basic apps(no games), set camera to sd, after 5mths storage left with 10gb only

  • mastewrofnone

So which is better phone on Samsung A series?

  • Tee gunz

Am i guaranted of recovering my samsung galacy A10s if stolen

  • kk

i cant even use mine. cant figure out how to change pattern to change settings. brand new

  • Ruhail Maqsood

Dear All,

The Wi-Fi of samsung A10s gets disconnect when I put phone in lock mode. I have thoroughly checked all settings but did not find this option " keep wifi on during sleep mode"

Is someone else facing the same issue ? what is the solution ?

  • Amila

My a10s phone batery drain fast

  • Anonymous

Shaharyar, 21 Jun 2020I bought Samsung A10s 3 days back but facing problem in cha... moreThat's normal

  • Ahmed

Li, 28 Aug 2020Is it true you can't move any app to SD in A10s?Only applicable for some apps and games(offline apps & games).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2020I want to buy this phone for my parents. I've 2 questi... moreIt doesn't support screen mirroring and gcam

  • Anonymous

Starjack, 18 Aug 2020Well i can't guarantee that this smartphone is one of ... moreThis is really helpfull

  • Tee

I'm a simple user. I do not use my phone other than these things: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, web surfing, web browsing, and photo editing. I have not had problems with doing any of these things on the A10s. The storage is ample at 32GB but would be nice if it was 64GB due to the inability to move applications to SD card, it's not possible at all even with Developer Options and apps create for it.

I like the idea of a smaller phone and lighter in weight. I went from a heavy 200 gram Samsung Note 9 to this 163 gram Samsung A10s. If you use your phone for basic things and social media, web surfing; this phone is just fine. I use it also for photo editing and it is fine (PhotoShop Express).

Pros: finger print scanner, face recognition, assortment of colors, dual camera, live focus, fits nicely in hand and pocket, not bulky or heavy, good photos captured outdoors and with natural lighting.

Cons: inability to move apps to SD card, 2 GB ram, dual camera not great in certain environments, camera unusable during the night, may be slow at times, cannot handle some high power games and apps.

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2020When making calls it takes about 10seconds to enter the cal... moreimagine breaking your a10s couldnt be me 😎

  • Anonymous

Silencer , 25 Aug 2020I keep having the same problem I have than all I could When making calls it takes about 10seconds to enter the call. I had dropped it from my chair which was about 10cm high the whole screen broke into pieces. Replaced with a new screen with additional temperlite glass the also the phone broke. Very weak glass😠😠. I am satisfied by the performance but not at all satisfied with the screen and phone duration. Otherwise the phone is good.

  • Li

Is it true you can't move any app to SD in A10s?

  • Natnael berhanu

ouidorivera, 23 Aug 2020The phone is really great considering its price. It has man... moreI went to spmbile samsung t A10s to produce I like these phones iwell produce in instagram , telegram, tiktok & you tube

  • Silencer

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020I keep get dalay incoming calls the phone could be ringing ... moreI keep having the same problem I have than all I could

  • Anonymous

I want to buy this phone for my parents. I've 2 questions:

1. Does it support Screen Mirroring? If yes, then at what resolution?

2. Does it support Gcam?
Please check by downloading "Camera2 API Probe" app. If FULL or Level 3 is ticked, then it supports Gcam.

  • ouidorivera

The phone is really great considering its price. It has many great features like the fingerprint sign in, face recognition, live focus and many more. Worth the price. Thank you, Samsung.