Samsung Galaxy A11

Samsung Galaxy A11

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  • Anonymous

How do i know how much ram is in the phone when it just says 2G/3G?

  • Allie

Mine is 3 days old it overheats like crazy and stops all processes till it cools down

  • Anonymous

The camera sucks

  • Anonymous

the camera is really terrible

Decent but that's a little too expensive

  • Tiredjack

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2020Is it Mediatek ? Exynos 7

  • Samsung A11 new user

The sound is terrible. My J1 2016 is better. What a waste of money.

  • Anonymous

Which is better? TFT or LCD??

  • Anonymous

Is it Mediatek ?

  • Oppoa52020

Will.I.Am., 27 Apr 2020Looks like my next phone.Dude don't get it lol I know it's Samsung but I should go for realmi 5 or redmi 9 for the same price but if u want a Samsung get the a20 or a30s if u add ur budget higher

  • ArtPH

I dont like the phone especially the camera sucks!!!! I have it for7 days and i am selling it.

I bought samsung A11 4 days ago ( white - 3/32 ).
i just wanna say...I love samsung but It's maybe the worst samsung phone i've ever had in my life... performance is below any samsung standard, camera is average, poor display, slow fingerprint, The only thing you'll get is the **** useless punch hole camera... I think A10 is much better than this phone.
I won't even recommend this phone for my great great grandmother...

i sold it yesterday... no regret.
Then i bought 2nd hand A20. Cheaper than A11 but more powerful, much much much better than Samsung A11.

But if the only thing you want in your life is " wowwww, cool !!! You have punch hole camera on ur phone"...then just buy it.

  • DV

I bought Samsung A11 (white - 3/32 ) 4 days ago...

well, i just want to's maybe the worst samsung phone i've ever had in my life. For that price, you only get the **** useless punch hole...performance is very average - below any samsung standard, camera quality is average, even I think that A10 much better than This phone.

I sold it yesterday... no regret.
Then I bought 2nd hand A20...It's cheaper but much much much much much x10000 better than A11.

I won't recommend A11 forever and ever...except the only thing you want in your life is " have a punch-hole camera on your phoneā€¯.....

  • HI

no Upgrade last year Camera with fale depth semsor and low Quality Wide Angle lens they only one lens set up if the image cannot process that much

  • Hi

this Phone is year old Chipset Hardware thats not working for real Wideange lens fake, Depht Fake even low resolution 720 1560 should be 2290 for display density 280 the hard ware is too old to be " Awesome "

Remember buy Android one program Phone granted OS Update better than OS UNINSTABBLE and Undisable Apps inside OS not Samsung but All Manucfacturer

CHIPSET are Cheap even 1000 dollar Phones 100 dollar phone CPU in Computer reliable are even ten Years

  • Hi Fail

Huawei Phone are better Samsung Phones

Huawei Y6 2018 And Samsung A11 display are horrible

Resolution so Low increase the pixel count high body ratio image is worst even video format a 2year old Chipset 2018 on A6-A7 series phones are worst modes needs improvement undisable Samsung Apps runs in BackGround worst Kyboard even they have own apps are not optimize uninstabble can of be disable or replace
Not old brand design

2year old hardware, Worst promises in A is Awesome

Even SE Edition but Fake unfold Edition

  • OnlineCarp Studio_YT

Samsung fan, 19 May 2020Is this going to come out in uk?This is oddly confusing; the A11 has not officially been released in the UK or the US. However, there are 3rd party companies that are already selling these phones. Maybe it won't be officially advertised on Samsung's website? I've asked some Samsung employees about the initial release date in the UK however they're unsure.

  • Sam

Why cant Samsung go in the numerological order.why the hell do u hav to launch A20S and now A11.just go in order like,11,12,13,14...etc

  • Roni

This is a great phone

  • Anonymous

Garbage and Samsung A10, A30, J8 is much better than this phone