Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12

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  • BigAl512
  • g41
  • 01 Sep 2022

Its a Back up phone to me , thats all, works good ,

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    • Baba Rex
    • r3a
    • 29 Aug 2022

    I ain't gonna lie A12 is bad, good for watching YouTube and browsing but if you're a gamer then don't buy this, cause you're gonna hate the whole gaming experience . For the camera aspect if you don't have good lighting don't even bother opening your camera app

      Samsung User, 23 Aug 2022My A12 has received Android 12.Where are you from bro? My a12 still has android 11 :/

        trickhammer, 26 Aug 2022I would gladly go back to my Galaxy S7 if the battery was s... moreTry A12s (nacho) SM-127F/DS version. It is faster and reliable.

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          • trickhammer
          • Y7k
          • 26 Aug 2022

          I would gladly go back to my Galaxy S7 if the battery was still good. I find the A12 screen to be slow to respond, Visual voicemail app is clunky.... Frankly, It sucks ass!

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            • Anonymous
            • anG
            • 25 Aug 2022

            I still haven't tried well yet, but so far I love this phone. I have the 64GB MediaTek version and everything goes so smooth: camera, sweeping apps, browsing, so far so good. Much much better than my Note 8 with Samsung Exynos CPU which is older but it costed 8 times more. There are A12 newer versions with Samsung Exynos CPU which IMO are really bad. Avoid smartphones with Samsung CPUs they are pure overpriced rubbish!

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              • Samsung User
              • trU
              • 23 Aug 2022

              My A12 has received Android 12.

                Steffan, 22 Aug 2022Hello , So I'm Thinking About Getting This Phone In Th... moreJust get A12s or nacho. Version SM 127F/DS. You won't regret it. I'm using it myself. No flaws unlike this A12 SM 125F version. It's also fast n reliable for everyday task including gaming and the battery last all night long. Plus, the camera is super amazing with the recent update of June security patch. I upgraded to android 12 too.

                  Hello , So I'm Thinking About Getting This Phone In The Near Future For My First Job Is This Phone A Good Choice ? Or Should I Get The A13 Instead Please And Thanks ❤

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                    • texasluva
                    • g@D
                    • 22 Aug 2022

                    Laltu Roy, 20 Jul 2022@SamsungMobile Hi This is last time for samsung mobi... moreYou stated above the A12 (used). I would never buy a Smart Phone that was used. I have had mine for just over a year. It has had no major problems. Sometimes it slows down but you can go and Optimize it and clean your memory ever so often. The 32 G Memory is not enough and I put a 256GB SD card in and it has 60 movies on it with room for 100 more. So I keep the 32 GB memory with 5 GB to spare as not to cause a problem.

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                      • lou
                      • k4u
                      • 21 Aug 2022

                      well i had a dumb phone it knew when i pushed a button what to do my so called smart phone can't do that i must tap or swipe it 's so smart it cant tell im pushing a button now tell me whlch is the smart phone

                        My last Samsung, 07 Aug 2022I have the A12, it's too slow. I checked the newer A13... moreHave you tried the A12s or nacho version? I assure you, you will be impressed! Just upgraded to android 12 now and the camera is super amazing and high performance..

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                          • See
                          • 3Ha
                          • 14 Aug 2022

                          Mark S, 30 Jul 2022Utter rubbish. Avoid at all costs. Camera cannot even take ... moreI agree. Its camera is bad.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • CaX
                            • 13 Aug 2022

                            Sohel Khan, 10 Aug 2022Its a very bad androyed phone that i have ever seen. I boug... moreExcuse your language I love that phone

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                              • Sohel Khan
                              • 2FY
                              • 10 Aug 2022

                              Its a very bad androyed phone that i have ever seen. I bought it only 3 months. But the fingerprint didnt working. Most of the phone has that problem.

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                                • My last Samsung
                                • 0BE
                                • 07 Aug 2022

                                I have the A12, it's too slow. I checked the newer A13 in the store today and it's still too slow and the display is similarly bad with fussy screen text. Meanwhile several Huawei mid-range models and several Motorola phones (like the G71) had very crisp displays and they work so much faster. The A12 will be my last Samsung mobile phone after having owned the S1 (my very 1st smartphone), S3, S4, S5, Young, J5 and the A12. Really disappointed. My Young from 2013 worked faster when new and its charger lasted longer.

                                I will switch to a Motorola, Sony, or a Chinese brand like Huawei!

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • nUv
                                  • 07 Aug 2022

                                  Js, 06 Aug 2022This phone is sooo slow when you open an app it take 5 to 1... moreHi

                                  This phone battery is Li-Po 5000 mAh

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                                    • Js
                                    • x{6
                                    • 06 Aug 2022

                                    This phone is sooo slow when you open an app it take 5 to 10 seconds and it battery life is like 3000mah waste of money

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                                      • Beautiful but bad
                                      • 0BE
                                      • 04 Aug 2022

                                      I like its color (greenish blue) but the camera is horrible! Both front and back cameras make people look uglier than in real life! My much older Galaxy J5 makes better-looking photos, despite the much lower MPs! Also the antenna must be too strong because I get a headache if I use it as a phone and I hear a buzz when around some radios. It must have dangerous radiation levels!

                                        Finally got rid of this crap & got the A13, sign of relief now!!