Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12

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  • Troller

Bottom line: Buy it.

  • Smart

Herossi46, 23 Jan 2021Better buy realme or xiaomi devices than this crap a12 for ... moreYou can't compare Samsung phones with other android's.
Try and check the difference in your on.
Most of this phones doesn't have a good speaker.

  • annxa

Kewell Banks, 22 Jan 2021I'm planning on getting one, I'm so confused with... moreexactly. i wanna buy it too but everybody opinion is so negative here. im not really demanding customer all i want is good battery and not bad camera. i really like this design and i dont wanna buy xiaomi, huawei or something like this.. i just wanna have samsung. i think the prize is no that big to this product. can someone tell me what is exact problem here?

  • Ali

Do this phone has double tap to wake?

  • Anonymous

I'm thinking of buying newer Samsung models as a replacement for my Samsung J7 (2016). but the comments I've read on all these new models so far (including this model) have not been positive. Please suggest me some low budget phones for average use, preferably models that have a little bit higher specs than the J7

  • AnonD-821125

Syfu, 23 Jan 2021The graphics card PowerVR GE8320 is made in 2014, old tech.....the ge8320/8300 that manufacturers use in newer smartphones is significantly faster than the ge8320/8300 that pops up when you search it up on google- it even supports all the newest directx and whatnot

  • Syfu

The graphics card PowerVR GE8320 is made in 2014, old tech.....

  • John

AhmedSLL, 14 Jan 2021Gaming?? Who said anything about gaming, this is an old ent... moreExactly!

  • Herossi46

Better buy realme or xiaomi devices than this crap a12 for similar price you’ll get everything better compared to what galaxy a12 is offering

  • AnonD-973296

Kewell Banks, 22 Jan 2021I'm planning on getting one, I'm so confused with... moreits a mixed bag. on one hand u get good specs for the price: 6.5in display, upto 6gb RAM, 5k mah battery, quad camera array and microSD and headphone jack. but on the other hand its not that good: the display is 720p and competition is cranking out 1080p (occasionally 90hz/120hz) for the same price for a while now, camera quality is not the best, it will most likely get less software updates due to its performance, huge bezels. i mean all this is expected when you are paying $180 for an entry level phone. i suggest you use this as a backup phone and not as your main daily driver, but then again that is up to u.

hope this helped :)

  • Kewell Banks

jNO, 30 Dec 2020I fail to understand how this phone costs $220 in Kenya. Is... moreI'm planning on getting one, I'm so confused with the comments I've been reading here. Is the phone so bad to it price?

  • Anonymous

wifi 4 in 2021. really sam?

  • herossi46

£169 for HD+ lcd display, helio p35.? i will buy xiaomi redmi note 9 for same price. you get better display better camera better processor better build quality etcetc.

  • Anonymous

Looks very long lasting and good quality

  • Max

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021please don't buy this phone there are plenty of very g... moreOk, tell me who these models are?

  • ae

technically not 1080p right?

  • Anonymous

I never use before but it feel good to use. Please buy this. good good. It has color, color good. it can play angry bird, fun game. the screen is the screen look like a screen. Please help[ buy, Samsung need our money. please come come and buy

G, 19 Jan 2021not truemy uncle has a a7 and a70

  • G

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2021Useless phone i started using than 20 minutes later device ... morenot true

  • G

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021Is it normal the charging is like 2 - 3 hours?yes 2hours but not exactly