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Samsung Galaxy A20

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AseelSE, 10 Apr 2024I've used to have a Samsung Galaxy A20 back then. I&#... moreHow is the Moto G54 5G?

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    • Ismurazi
    • txG
    • 09 May 2024

    Absolem, 10 Feb 2024Awful phone, embarrassingly slow, utterly un-useable. Can&... moreIf you don't like it,would you bring it to me

      I've used to have a Samsung Galaxy A20 back then.
      I've used it for capcut, YouTube, literally anything
      The problem is. The Samsung Galaxy A20 only has 32GB of storage. So I deleted some unnecessary photos on my Galaxy A20 for more space.
      Now that I have a Moto G54 5G with 256GB of storage and 8GB or ram.

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        • Absolem
        • gkV
        • 10 Feb 2024

        Awful phone, embarrassingly slow, utterly un-useable. Can't even use this for basic apps and daily tasks every single task is excruciatingly slow, it's ridiculous. I've bought $20 temporary phones that outperform this one...

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          • Anonymous
          • ki$
          • 07 Jan 2024

          It's a nice phone for daily use but the storage and ram makes it a little hard to use,it can't even run roblox smoothly.So I prefer a sd with the phone.

            The phone was good for me, but that was like 2 years ago. Now videos kind of load, but then YouTube crashes. The security updates stopped for some reason so I just don't use this phone, but also because the display is making this weird effect where the screen goes gray-blue for some reason but I have to power off and power on to get it to stop. Does anyone have this problem?

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              • Anonymous
              • u7Z
              • 07 Dec 2023

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                • Anonymous
                • 6kh
                • 05 Oct 2023

                Very good phone but the problem is the storage

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                  • Anonymous
                  • y6W
                  • 05 Oct 2023

                  Laggiest phone ever, you can’t back out easily on apps or back out anywhere without a 2-3 sec delay of the window sliding left

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                    • PJ
                    • Fvc
                    • 22 Sep 2023

                    Surprised to know that this low end Galaxy can stream native DSD audio files via USB to external DSD capable USB-DAC using FiiO music player application. Also it seems that this device can play native DSD by its internal DAC (supposed using Qualcomm WCD9341 audio codec which is DSD native capable). This low-end device can work as fairly good sounded DAP with FiiO application.

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                      • Lee
                      • fu%
                      • 29 Aug 2023

                      Used this phone from 2019 to this year and I loved it, the weight was good except the storage was small. Too bad it died

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                        • A20user
                        • r3c
                        • 21 Aug 2023

                        I got my a20 in 2019. It's 2023 now and the old age of the phone is now showing. This phone has been the absolute best. The only problem i ever had was that the storage was too small and would fill up easily. Every other thing about the phone was perfect. The battery is still awesome even after using for 4 plus years. I have to buy a new phone today. I am so confused on which to buy. I have been lucky with samsung phones. First the galaxy s4, then a j5( not so good) and now an a20. I wonder which phone i would be lucky to get next

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                          • Anonymous
                          • J8N
                          • 18 Aug 2023

                          GregSpegal , 16 Aug 2023You ain't lyin! This is the best one hundred and sixty... moreBut mobile is trash low ram intrenal storage

                            Everything is good about this phone, except for the processor.

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                              • GregSpegal
                              • IKq
                              • 16 Aug 2023

                              Wackywalker , 03 Jun 2023Please bring back a remake A20You ain't lyin! This is the best one hundred and sixty dollar smartphone ever made! First off you get the Super Amoled panel with Gorilla Glass 3, then you have 3gb ddr4 ram with 32 storage and micro sd expansion. The battery life is amazing on this one plus you get a dual camera with a ultra wide lens. All of thar protected by a fingerprint reader and face unlock. The screen is 6.4 inches as well! Yes it's only 720p hd÷ but it still looks very nice! Best phone ever made for the money 💰

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                                • Dickson
                                • NiB
                                • 25 Jul 2023

                                Anonymous, 24 May 2023it is pretty good for a 200 (cad) phone. i had it since la... moreCan i replace battery and still work nice

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                                  • Wackywalker
                                  • I72
                                  • 03 Jun 2023

                                  Please bring back a remake A20

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • IhI
                                    • 24 May 2023

                                    it is pretty good for a 200 (cad) phone. i had it since late 2019 and it worked well for me. good battery and quality, but problems i have is the storage and the preformence

                                      miss this phone so much😢😢 was my best samsung phone ever owned since october 2019. gaming performance was great though it overheats. still does not lag. main camera is pretty good, ultrawide and front camera looks dull, but still does the job done. audio quality through earphones sounds much better with dolby atmos on, wanted to upgrade to a30 but that dumb salesman decided to suggest me a12, yes i didnt knoe much about phones at that time.. i was trying to find this thing in used conditions at lower prices. to feel the nostalgia of my previous experience with this thing.

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                                        • Sumesh
                                        • DkP
                                        • 30 Apr 2023

                                        Good slim and compact phone for basic usage. Nothing fancy or extraordinary. Good display and one ui are the positives. It is slow, to be honest.