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Samsung Galaxy A20

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I actually bought the phone from someone and it was on android 9..upgraded it to android 11 then i formatted it and the phone performance improved considerably ..the camera and the process is actually nice(let's not forget the phones amoled screen

  • Samsung fan

Guyz guyz after every update to the new vision please please format your phone by pressing power + volume up simultaneously then your phone wont have any problem with the new uptade android 11.i hope that was helpful...

  • Anonymous

Since the update to 11 game play is slow

  • Gg

Terence, 07 Jul 2021Tbh, I mean this phone is pretty ok, but if u were in searc... morePoco. What

  • guest

For that price this phone is very bad plus upgarde to android 11 non privacy ruins everyhting, my brother used that for half year, the wire from mobo to the sub board eas disconecting over and over causing no sound no microphone no charging, sometimes the fingerprint scaner got disconect too causing phone to slow down freze etc.Worst samsung that i ever seen.


A20 is not optmised for Android 11. Please don't upgrade it. Very slow and always laggy.

  • avatar

phone not optimized for android 11, dont upgrade

  • Nazib

Overall a very good phone.

  • Jimmyblake

Jerrywisy, 11 Aug 2021My a20 is the best device and I have had it for 2yrs now an... moreI am also a Nigerian using Galaxy A20,its a good phone for its price,been using it for almost 2 years now. For you to upgrade for a better Galaxy A ─Ćevice with a Snapdragon or Exynos SoC,you will spend more than thst which you have budgeted for you next phone, you value phones with S Amoled,A32 and A22 both have Amoled but uses Mediatek chips, A21s uses TFT screen technology but its the only one with the Exynos chip, the Exynos 850. You have to choose Amoled or Exynos for phones in this price bracket, else you upgrade and get the Mighty A52...I hope this helps

  • Jerrywisy

My a20 is the best device and I have had it for 2yrs now and I came from the phenomenon j5 of 2015 to this after using the core prime for one and half yrs in 2013. However the j5 is 4yrs now and is in bad condition but still managing as a phone handed down to my mum.

The a20 is my current device and is just 2yrs old but I notice the battery drain when it get to 30% . Well, am looking for a phone for a budget of 80k to 109k in Nigeria money. Any suggestions from samsung a series in that price range. Because I have to pass this a20 to my mum since the j5 is now out of place.

Plz enlighten me of which to get: A22,A21 or A32.
Note: am a fan of supera amolad display, snapdragon or exynos. If is mediatek count me out

  • Syed mazher Ali

joe 256, 05 Jul 2021to be sincere with this phone it has a software problem of ... moreSame problem its my phone samsung A20 i m changed the charging board solve problem

I think from the 1st generation of A Series this phone is the best, bought my wife when it came out 2yrs ago, and 2weeks I updated it for her to Android 11 and damn the phone looks amazing for a 2 yr phone, the UI is pretty smooth and apps still runs smooth nor crashing although minimum lags are there but not always, with all that being said I'd still recommend it.

  • Spokes

After updating to android 11 phone is slow. Games not running smooth like before.

  • Letsdrink2day

I give this phone 4 and a half stars! I had it for about 2 years and i am very pleased with it. You can create a WiFi hotspot without paying extra to the provider l8ke some of them ask you to do so. Bluetooth 5.0, decent speaker, Dolby Atmos when u are using earbuds, less then 200$ and it does what the more expensive phones do, plus the price is great. Many options, fast Bluetooth thedering if u want to send or recive files from your pc or another phone and you dont have a cable on hand and the file is large. Camera is decent, also alot of options to play with. 5g compatible, dust and moisture proof (very handy when you have ro check your phone in the rain), excellent and quick responding finger print security, it also has face recegnison that i dont really use but for thous that want extra layers of security its there for you, ofcourse pin security. Like in other phones you are able to secure certin apps, phone numbers, folders itc. with a different pin or hide them all together if you so chose too (incase you have multiple friends you trying to hide from your spouse) Samsung is pretty good as far as updating the software of the phone. I can keep going on pros for getting this phone but it be faster if i tell you about the negative aspects of this phone. As much as i like the Infinity screen, it curves on the sides so when u get the screan protector it will not go all the way to the edge, my solution to this was to get a simple trasperant (not stiff plastic) i believe rubber case. I drop my phone alot and 2 years of droping it i dont have any major screen damage just a little crack thats not interfearing with the function of the phone or quality of the videos you would be watching. Most screan demage was taken by the screen protector (its hard to tell if its on the phone or the protector and i not changing the protector to find out b/c it might then demage the screen if u do have any cracks on it). Another think is if you loose your original charger its hard to find a a replacement one that would fast charge your phone witch this phone has. About 30 min or less to charg it to 100% when you use the fast charge charger and the battery will last you the whole day even when u lissining to music like me ar work for 12 h streight and still have more then half of battery left(but thats a plus for this phone) if u are low on battery and have no charger you also have the option to swith it to battery saver mode witch will basicly turn your phone in to a black and white screan and only text and phone calls allowed, but u can get out about 6 h+ from like 7% or less on your battery. Ofcourse i love the do not disturb option, only your people that you put a star next to their name (favorite) will be able to call you, rest will go to voicemail and will show your recived phone calls and text msgs silently so when u wake up you will see who called or texted. (But that's another pro) One think i noticed recently that sometimes my Bluetooth earbuds skipp, but thats a recent think so it might have to do something with the fact that i put this phone through hell and freezing weather, dust and rain and it is 2 years since i got it. I also had some problems with sending texts and making phone calls but that was resolved with new sim cards from my carrier since 4 g was the only think available when i got this phone and now after i switched the SIM card no more issues with that. Keep in mind, do take your phone off the charger when it is fully charged to avoid battery issues. Thankfully i havent had any problems yet with battery. The phone is very responsive but if you have a game that requires alot of computing power and you are getting a phone call you might miss that call do to the fact that the phone sometimes isn't able to respond quickly enough but that only happens if u have numerous thinks running in the background and plaing a demanding game witch this phone is able to handle just sometimes it responds slowly when u are in the game and are receiving a phone call(but hey less then 200$ for the device you have to sacrifice somthink). Overall this phone is 9 out of 10 in my opinion, taking in to the account the price of the phone, it is a great divice that you will definitely be satisfied with. Its hard for me to call this a budget phone even though it is less then 200$ it does what most phones that are triple the price and then some, also it is too bad that it does not have wireless charging even though u can buy an adapter but i can live with it and highly recommend this phone!

  • Laron

I always loved this phone. Of course i had to move on to keep up with what is new and modern these days.
But while i had this particular samsung A20 model its been really great performing for me!!! No complaints!!! Not ONE!!!!

  • Collen19

I've been using this phone for a while now,I didn't have any problem except that sometimes vibration stop but I know how to solve it now I like my mobile I got this one and Samsung A31

  • Anonymous

Please add auto call record in next update please

  • Kai

BigMoneyMike, 30 Mar 2021I have the version shipped from Straight Talk, which comes ... more i have the same issue

  • Kader

Mine had 85K antutu score on Android 10 and 114K after upgrading to Android 11 :)
No lag and everything is smother than before

  • Nizam

I am used a20 mobil last 2y but problem by a sd card slot not
Working my mobil crashed my 2 sd card every time insert then crashed