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suraj, 05 Aug 2020when clicked on software update, phone turned off and never... moreForce restart it by pressing the volume down button together with the power button.

I updated the software and when it restarted it never went on again. Moreover, I forced restarted it and it only showed the samsung galaxy a20 logo only and never booted up. Anyone please help.

  • Anonymous

Tom12, 08 Aug 2020Guys I took my A20 to a shop and after inspection the techn... moreIf it is still under warranty, you should not have to pay for it.

I've had this phone for a couple of months and have had no issues relating to dropped calls, unreceived texts and poor reception.

Unhappy Customer, 08 Aug 2020I can tell you that the Galaxy A20 is easily the worst phon... moreYou can't buy a $150 phone and expect it to perform like a $1000 phone lame.

  • Unhappy Customer

I can tell you that the Galaxy A20 is easily the worst phone. I have had nothing but problems with it from dropped calls, lagging, intermittent signal and reception. You text someone and the message takes forever to get to the receiver. The most recent problem was I called someone on my contact list and the phone dialed someone else. Horrible Horrible phone. Do not buy it.

Tom12, 07 Aug 2020Any one who have received the July patch update as notifica... moreGuys I took my A20 to a shop and after inspection the technician said that the phone is fine but the display has to be changed. I had no other option but to replace it for almost 70% of the mobile cost. First time experience with an update that completely burned a display of a mobile.


Had it close to launch in april 2019 and after a year it has being ruff :P
Since the android 10 update i got overheating issues where the phone will close apps witch is the less dramatic problem but also shutting down and dosent torn on for hours and trying to charge will show me that it cannot be charged because it is too hot, even tho it ISNT ;)
we already discovered that itz the battery PCB that logoc with the headphonejack and the charging board witch fails and has to be replaced, very very cheaply made, this is unexaptable when my 5 year old S7 does never had ANY issue, and especially not THIS :P

Not recomended unlike when it came out. Buy an older flagship phone or a straitup other phonebrand you could switch liek Huawei, Honor or Xiaomi with does as good as this at the same or lower price :*

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I just got the recent software update and I'm very afraid to install it because I heard a lot of people are having issues with screen turning black and battery decreasing fast and also fast charging isn’t working. I think I'm not gonna install it and wait for another one.

Any one who have received the July patch update as notification don't even try to download it. I downloaded the same but didn't install it. Still my phone is dead now. No display nothing. I bought the phone from India and now I live in Oman. So can't even claim for warranty. Please DO NOT!! update July patch.

suraj, 05 Aug 2020when clicked on software update, phone turned off and never... moreBro same with me today morning. I installed update then after sometime phone went off. Now display doesn't turn on. When trying to reset phone only vibrates no display.

  • suraj

when clicked on software update, phone turned off and never came back. I'm stuck on black screen of death please help

  • Guysoho

Updated end of July, everything is okay EXCEPT now my damn contacts have locked into bright mode and I can't find how to get back into dm. Everything else stayed in dm... wth!
Can someone please advise? Would appreciate, thanks

  • SD

After Android 10 update phone is smoth and faster, display is more crisp. 👍

  • aa

after i updated my phone android 10, applications cant connect on internet eventhough i have a internet connection,tried restarting my phone and still the same.any help

  • Petras

The word-processing on this phone is the worst I've ever used. Can it be 'updated'?

Tim, 29 Jul 2020I don't know probably it is not yet released in your c... moreI received the update since July 24, mate. I'm talking of why it's not updated on the spec sheet here.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2020I didnt receive any update yet (Sorry for my english)Nvm i already received it... its sooo smoothhhh🔥

  • Anonymous

I didnt receive any update yet
(Sorry for my english)

  • Anonymous

Tim, 29 Jul 2020No not at allThanks
I can't get updates automatically unless i go and search for it what should i to to correct this
Wasn't like before now