Samsung Galaxy A20

Samsung Galaxy A20

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  • Kev

Will this phone get One UI 2.1 or 2.5 ?

  • Smeadium

Worst Samsung I ever owned. I've always bought budget Samsung phones over the years and have always been happy, until this one. It always had problems connecting to WiFi or Bluetooth, if you did WiFi calling it would drop the call Everytime. Phone would crash and not be able to turn back on unless you did a force restart and sometimes it would take hours to come back on. The final straw was that the mic wouldn't work about 80‰ of the time during phone calls, but would work every time while taking video or while on Bluetooth in my truck. Just bought a Moto g7 and it's amazing, I'm done with Samsung after buying that a20 and having to deal with it for 10 months

Hardev singh, 24 Aug 2020After downloading anroid 10 suddenly phone got super slow s... moreim not sure if it's possible but i want to see if i can go back to Android 9, i'll have to look into That.

Dani, 28 Aug 2020At first I loooooovvvvved my phone. Then one day it updated... moreit's that wretched update to Android 10 and One UI 2.0, the phone needs more RAM (at least 4gb IMO) 3gb isn't enough. i have to go to Settings then Device Care to free up memory/RAM because my phone slows down so much. My phone is 3 1/2 months old, it worked perfectly before the past update.

  • Dani

At first I loooooovvvvved my phone. Then one day it updated and I could no longer dial out or send text messages. I've troubleshooted the phone in every way possible. I can receive calls and text as well as go online. My phone is only 6 months old ,never been dropped or wet.

  • Koala

Olet, 13 Aug 2020Worse phone ever.....hate it Help Desk must have an entire... moreNo shit, the worst I have ever had, old flip phones were better than the Samsung A20

  • Anonymous

this is a piece of art

  • Anonymous

Can we get the specs of Galaxy A20 tactical please.

  • Hardev singh

After downloading anroid 10 suddenly phone got super slow some times it takes too much time.
worst set.


good mobile

Bought this phone the moment it came out last year, and since then it has been nothing but good, the cherry on top is that 2 months ago it received Android 10 update, the UI feels refreshed and easy to use, the gestures are absolutely stunning also. Will do definitely use it until early next year when I upgrade. For those who are complaining about this phone know that you bought a generic/fake version, with that being said it's a good, good battery, decent camera & fast charging what more could you ask for?.

  • DenverDabber

I can't get Dual Audio to work. I go to "devices" once I have 2 different bluetooth speakers connected but it will only let me play music from one or the other, there is no option to use both speakers at the same time. Any ideas? I've seen multiple videos and articles saying its possible with android 10. Is it just not compatible with the A20?

Samsung is good brand, don't spread funny comments

  • InOz

PETER0909, 20 Aug 2020My fast charging no longer works on my A20. Tried switchin... moreIf the fast charging setting is already turned On as suggested by others, there are some more possibilities.
1 - the USB C cable may be non-genuine or damaged.
2 - there may be lint or fluff caught inside the USB C cable or the phone.
3 - you may need to clear the phone's USB cache, deep within the Settings menu.

  • KickButtowski

PETER0909, 20 Aug 2020My fast charging no longer works on my A20. Tried switchin... moreSamsung Devices have a setting which can be used to enable or disable fast charging.

Follow the steps below to enable Fast Charge :

Go to Settings > Device Care > Charging

You will see Fast Charging radio button there. Just turn it on and you'll get Fast Charging function back.

Lindo, 11 Aug 2020I updated the software and when it restarted it never went ... moreYou should probably take it to a repair centre or try flashing the official rom yourself if you know what you're doing that is

PETER0909, 20 Aug 2020My fast charging no longer works on my A20. Tried switchin... moreHave you tried turning on fast charging in settings? Maybe its turned off

  • PETER0909

My fast charging no longer works on my A20.
Tried switching to different cables but its always cable charging even when using the original Samsung charger.
Any pointers ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2020Bro what are you talking about i have this phone for about ... moreyea same

  • InOz

I've had this phone over a year now and it's been great, until now. The Android 10 update a month or two ago was good. But recently I had trouble fast charging, and it would only slow charge. Then it wouldn't charge at all. I tried to charge it after turning it off, and some warning symbol came up suggesting a water/moisture problem. The phone and charger were completely dry. It's charged again now after some mucking around.