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Samsung Galaxy A20

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  • David Porter

I have been using a Samsung A20 for 2 years and it is excellent. Long battery life excellent sound, excellent photos, fast whatsapp.

  • The Honest Oak

I paid 200$ (give or take) on this phone 6 months ago and I regret it. Goes to show why Apple costs more- QUALITY. Computing speed of the A20 is average of a phone from 2010. Yes, it's that SLOW. Camera quality is rubbish. Better pictures have been taken by my arthritic great grandmother using a potato as a camera. Downloaded pictures aren't in my gallery, and to this day can't find where they're stored. Do research before you buy a phone. ESPECIALLY anything Samsung. Next phone will be an Iphone or Pixel.

On a positive note: The phone is sleek and slides in my pocket nicely. That's about it. That's my honest review and my experience with the A20 smartphone.

  • Anonymous

If your planning to get this phone, make sure you have a great internet reception because it has a relatively weak way of receiving internet, overall its a great phone.

  • akmal hamza

i got my phone 2 years ago and since today I've been using

  • Ris

Update Android 11 for Samsung Galaxy A20

  • Anonymous

ninhenzo64, 05 Jan 2021This is my 4th Samsung and probably the most disappointing.... moreUSB c is becoming a newer and better version of USB b, it charges faster, and it also it can go either way unlike USB b which one has one way.

  • ninhenzo64

This is my 4th Samsung and probably the most disappointing. It keeps unlocking in my pocket and mashing the screen, it even posted something on Facebook randomly! It's annoying that it doesn't use USB B like all my other phones, it uses USB C so I had to get all new chargers. Somehow the camera lens also broke in my pocket, this never happened with any of my other phones. The screen goes too close to the edge, so sometimes when you're holding it it gets super confused, and also it's hard/impossible to select objects on screen that are close to the edge. It had good battery and fast charging though, and it's nice that the screen is big. I didn't run out of memory or anything either.

  • Anonymous

Terran, 24 Dec 2020This is the worst phone I've ever owned. It's my ... moreMines doesn't have any problems you mentioned. You probably got a faulty model

  • swan

Galaxy A20 ...
- Picture very good ,
- in POOR LIGHT condition..... even using FLASH the picture result is very poor, the FLASH need to be change with more power.
- BLUE TOOTH very poor , unable to received and answer through car speaker..
- to answer the phone ,... need to swipe many times.
- Technical Support very poor ...
This is my comment at the moment....
01 January 2021

I'm commenting from this device and i will never regret because i love this phone. Best budget phone, i lacks some features but for me, no problem. Please don't comment bad about this device.

  • Anonymous

Terran, 24 Dec 2020This is the worst phone I've ever owned. It's my ... moreDid we even use the same phone? This was my fourth Samsung phone and I absolutely loved it. The wifi range, Bluetooth connectivity and the general features were great.

  • Terran

This is the worst phone I've ever owned. It's my first samsung phone yet ive always used lower end androids other than one windows phone for a few months once. But I definitely wont ever be buying another. I know its a cheap model but wtf. Did they make this with rejected bad parts from their real ones? About everything about it is worse than my previous phone the moto e5 plus which I paid about $50 less for. The wifi has almost no range. The bluetooth has been unusable for music at least since the android 10 update. Just all statcky and sounds like s#@t on all 3 bluetooth earbuds I have. So I have to bring my old phone along with this one to work just to listen to music. I tried factory reset and cant go back to 9 that way and as far as I can tell the boost variant which I have is one of the few or only variant that there is no known way to unlock the bootloader so I cant even try to fix it with a custom rom. But I will most likely go back to motorola after this. I was pretty impressed how good the e5 plus was for the price. But never another samsung again. Thats for sure.

  • Anonymous

Tim, 17 Dec 2020will samsung A20 get one ui 2.5 update According to Samsung member
It will get it next year August

  • Soly

A20 have Always on???

poooooooorrrrrrrrr network

  • Moblileplus

Manafactured in 2019 but no wireless ac adapter. Pathetic!!!

  • Tim

will samsung A20 get one ui 2.5 update

  • Abdullahi

Now I am using Samsung Galaxy a20 I am very very happy because since I started using phone I am not seeing phone better than this phone

  • Abdullahi

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2020Galaxy a series low conectivity.i have a 20 poor conectivty... moreIs lie the are having good network

  • anonymous

I've thinking of getting one cause I've been using a s5 for the longest time and I think it's time for an upgrade but the s5 is pretty powerful I'm having my doubt...