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Samsung Galaxy A23

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  • Anonymous
  • Nue
  • 07 Jun 2023

joewono, 07 Jun 2023how do you check this phone using UFS or emmc? bcs i using... moreCheck on Device Info HW

    Johan johnny, 22 May 2023The europian version standard A235F/DSN has ufs memory. Tha... morehow do you check this phone using UFS or emmc?
    bcs i using same model as yours, but in CPUZ explain this model using emmc

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      • Anonymous
      • gp0
      • 03 Jun 2023

      I suggest that Samsung make it the same but with super amoled screen and advanced Exynos processor It will be very good.Thsnks

        I will buy for my sister to make her happy😁with AI Emoji funchtion. And 128gb/4grb RAM

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          • sb{
          • 25 May 2023

          Johan johnny, 22 May 2023The europian version standard A235F/DSN has ufs memory. Tha... moreMy Latin American variant A235M/DSN also has UFS (128/4GB)

          This is actually a pretty capable device overall (I also have the A33 for comparison...) I can even play Genshin Impact well in mostly medium settings. I'd say it's biggest weakness are that the cameras are pretty mediocre. Using GCam improves the rear camera a bit though.

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            • harry
            • syt
            • 23 May 2023

            what are the charger specifications?
            Model A23 Samsung

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              • Johan johnny
              • svM
              • 22 May 2023

              The europian version standard A235F/DSN has ufs memory. Thanks to snapdragon cpu😁

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                • Shady
                • xjH
                • 22 May 2023

                Kim Jong Chun, 20 May 2023It is beatiful indeed. Overall i am satisfied with a23. Jus... moreEveryone bought phone for a purpose stop trying to behave as if you get sense pass anyone

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                  • Ranjeet
                  • 7kj
                  • 21 May 2023

                  1. No always on display
                  2.Not mentioned anywhere about gorilla glass on official wesites, even samsung people dont know that.
                  3. No screen recording
                  4. Adaptive brightness very slow responding , because no ambient light sensor. It rely on front cam very old technology
                  5 cheap and dull pls screen no amoled display which is shining and bright. 6. Cheap slow emmc internal memory not fast ufs
                  7. NO FM RADIO

                  Even at this price other brands are giving many features like amoled,aod, screen recording, nfc, slimmer and light weight phones i am feeling cheated by samsung after buying this. Only good thing is that it is 5g phone.Betore this i was diehard fan of samsung. I think any one who has some techical knowledge will understand cheating and cost cutting by samsung. Samsung must refund and take back this garbage.

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                    • YayNnay 4 A23 5g
                    • b@p
                    • 21 May 2023

                    Niko, 09 Mar 2023How to hard reset samsung a23 4gHello, go to settings, should see something saying "general managment" (might say language/keyboard/date&time in smaller font under it)
                    Tap "general managment"
                    Towards bottom it says "reset" tap that.
                    "Reset factory settings" is at the bottom.
                    Make sure you have your stuff backed up on a cloud or external drive/SD card, if you have any info you need to save!
                    You can also reset JUST network, accessibility, or other settings such as ring tones an such. Just incase you or anyone wants to try reseting those settings and restart phone to try and solve any issues before a full factory reset.
                    Good luck!

                    Oh does anyone have any problem with their Bluetooth not toggling on? I had no problem turning it on and pairing to devices before. All of a sudden one day my Bluetooth wouldn't turn on, obviously it doesn't show any nearby devices. I'm tried Resetting network settings, other settings. Tried turning wifi, data and everything else off incase that interfered. Nothing has worked. Really trying to avoid a factory reset.
                    Besides the Bluetooth issue and 1 instance of not charging with my power bank. I love this phone! Its a pretty good low/mid range flagship phone! Chipset is a pretty good quality for the price! I don't need a fancy top of the line camera or anything. The camera is an upgrade anyway from my previous phone (moto E I believe).

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                      • Kim Jong Chun
                      • tDI
                      • 20 May 2023

                      It is beatiful indeed. Overall i am satisfied with a23. Just use for regular daily and no problem at all. Sometimes am playin game but just for fun and not for a serious game. How stupid some people buy a phone just for a game. I that case, lemme tell you for just buying PS etc. Definition phone is for communication not for game. If someone comment and having word for a game, its obviously wrong. And for camera. Guys, please be rational..u want high tec then buy a high flagship phone. How come u compared it with xiomi or any other phone. Thats not make sense. U better compared the price and not some of spec bla,bla just for mention how game and how camera.

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                        • TheGreakFreak
                        • fwx
                        • 18 May 2023

                        For my country I think that the phone is overpriced, 220$ for a non amoled screen and an old storage.
                        But the main issue I found with this phone is that I can't pair my galaxy buds plus on it.Bluetooth and the galaxy wearable app are not able to find my buds. I have no issue pairing it to iPhone 13 and oneplus 7, I tried the phone of my colleague who has an A23 and it has the same issue.

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                          • Pix
                          • 6XN
                          • 15 May 2023

                          Recently bought this phone. And at the very least was expecting the usual video editing software provided on most Samsung phones. But not on this one. You can edit photos but you can do zilch to the video. No cropping, no cutting, no actual editing no filters, no contrast, colour, temperature etc...Nothing. For someone who has to use these features all the time and DOESN'T want to have to use a third party app with ads and banners flashing all over, this phone is an utter disaster.
                          Thankfully, my very kind phone company are going to replace it for me.

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                            • Y0s5f
                            • pTE
                            • 14 May 2023

                            Daisy, 29 Apr 2023It is the worst phone I ever had, I earn very hard to get a... moreNot the worst for me but still bad. At least it is better than my galaxy J6 phone.

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                              • Y0s5f
                              • pTE
                              • 14 May 2023

                              I've bought my old and first phone in 2019-2020, it was galaxy J6 and honestly the worst phone I've ever bought, but this phone which I bought like 2 weeks ago is at least better than my old phone. I love it.

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                                • akioh
                                • xIn
                                • 14 May 2023

                                I just got this phone 2 weeks ago. It seems there are some better alternatives from Xiaomi out there for the same price range. However, I do not experience any slowness or performance issue with this device and I am happy with its current performance. I do not play intense games on this device though.

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                                  • Azzam
                                  • p@I
                                  • 11 May 2023

                                  The worst phone ever. Will just throw it in the garbage

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                                    • Sagar
                                    • CbD
                                    • 08 May 2023

                                    Anonymogus, 05 Apr 2023Yes and reverse charging tooIs this phone supports outlook. as am struggling to use outlook in my phone

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                                      • Gmm
                                      • Nwx
                                      • 05 May 2023

                                      zeroarst, 02 May 2023Why others said it is UFS but you said eMMC... so confusing.If you are using the 4G variant of the Galaxy A23 it is using Embedded Multi-Media Card (EMMC 5.1) which has read speeds of upto 250mb/s and write speeds of upto 125mb/s. Compare this with the Redmi Note 11 which has UFS 2.2 with read speeds of upto 1.2 Gb/s and read speeds of 260mb/s! I am using both the Galaxy A23 and the Redmi Note 11 and you can see the difference between the two, with the redmi more snappy and fluid than the galaxy because of the memory type used. Notice the Geekbench scores I got:
                                      1. Samsung Galaxy A23 4G - 4GB RAM & 64GB internal storage - Geekbench 5 score - Single core = 380 and Multi core = 1492.
                                      2. Redmi Note 11 4G - 6GB RAM & 128GB internal storage - Geekbench 5 score - Single core = 383 and Multi core = 1665.
                                      In real life, tasks are faster and fluid in the Redmi.

                                      NB: I compared these two devices because they have the same SOC but you can see the differences when using them!