Samsung Galaxy A32

Samsung Galaxy A32

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  • Arod

K98VLAD, 15 Apr 2021Mediatek is still better than that shitty exynos, I underst... morethe G90T is a beast,it can handle alot of games and smooth performance
unlike exynos with lag and frame drops

  • Anonymous

It has corning gorilla glass 5

  • Hu

In future budget user can't buy the samsung phones , because every series price are higher than previous seeies phones ( Ex: A32 price is higher than A31 , then A31 price is higher than A30) definitely A33 price is higher than A32.
Samsung we want best budget phone like .....
1. Display size looks like iphone 12 mini. Or looks like A01 display size 5.7 inch.
2. For display we want Armold display not for PLS IPS display (that display brightness affect our eyes when we use at night time). Our eyes getting affect by too much of brightness.
3. We don't want 4 cameras , just only one is enough with good lens and good image focus or better colour stabilization.
4. Good wifi band for b/g/n/ac.
5. Decent battery capacity for 4500mAh.
6. Low SAR value.
7. At least 10w fast charger.
8. Best Security updates for every month (like Nokia).
We are looking best series in September 2021

Waseem, 14 Apr 2021Samsung using MEDIATEK ? Then Good bye to'... moreMediatek is still better than that shitty exynos, I understand that most people want snapdragon but in a low budget you can't get a good qualcomm chip and that will be as laggy as exynos.

  • NFC

FYI. The screen is yellowish tint (not "eye protection" mode, it's the nature of the screen). Classic samsung problem, similar to note5. Damn amoled

  • Waseem

Samsung using MEDIATEK ? Then Good bye to's better to buy chinese brand if samsung using MEDIATEK.

The Samsung Galaxy A32 4G supports proprietary fast charging.

  • Ordinary user

Very nice phone for routine works. Excellen 90 hz oled screen, big battery, decent camera with beautiful design and affordable price.

  • Anonymous

ja, 11 Apr 2021a32 or a52? i like a32 as it is smaller but stereo speaker ... morea52 imo since this doesn't have stereo speakers and no ip rating I think, although it's cheaper. I personally will take the a72 over the a52 just because it has a telephoto, I wish it was a bit smaller tho

  • Anonymous

ja, 11 Apr 2021a32 or a52? i like a32 as it is smaller but stereo speaker ... moreA52 is far better

  • ja

a32 or a52? i like a32 as it is smaller but stereo speaker on a52 is tempting

  • Lee

Helio Mediatek.. rather choose exynos thing Samsung A32 is a jowk..

  • Gazer

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2021Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro is much better than samsungYes, i think that's true, but in my country (Indonesia) the redmi note 10 same as can see it on online stores..but you can't buy it..because it's so hard to find a store with ready stock..if it's there, the price will go too high

  • Kujtim Zymeri

Dont wasts money on this. It has the same cpu like a41 and it will lag so much just at scrolling.

  • 12

I just tested the camera. The rear camera can shoot 2.5k 30p frame 16:9 ratio and front camera also can go upto 2.5k video
100mbps extremely good quality. It's good as 4k video.
Sadly u have to 3rd party camera app is free 😃

  • Anonymous

K12345, 04 Apr 2021What does 4-8GB RAM mean? It has versions with ram between 4 and 8 gb that is 4, 6 and 8 gb versions

  • K12345

What does 4-8GB RAM mean?

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2021Is it water resistant or not???no, It's not water proof. unlike A52.

  • Anonymous

Beans Kubwa, 02 Apr 2021Just bought the Samsung A32 , Excellent Phone , Brilliant P... moreHwz the camera of A32.. Should I buy dis?

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2021Not overpriced. If u can't afford samsung, go for Chin... moresamsung is nothing better than "chinese" phones it's just overpriced garbage. Phone like this if it's made by Xiaomi should cost not more than 150 dollars, also for this price point you can get 3 times better phone. Not my problem in USA you don't have bands for Xiaomi phones OMEGALUL