Samsung Galaxy A32

Samsung Galaxy A32

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The design is clear and unique, and the duration of the battery is something marvelous

  • Sagheer ahmad

Bettery charging wire pin grip very loose

3/5, it's doesnt has video editing like crop video

  • Martin

Amazing battery life.

  • shahzad

I have been using it for 1 months and I have not been gaming. I do not know how gaming is in this mobile. My daily use of camera video is all social media. I like it. I will give only 5 out of 5 numbers to this phone

  • Anonymous

It's really a worst phone. I brought it only for 2 months & 12 days, in this few time it lags a lot. And also it gets hot within a few hours! I am very much trouble with this phon!

Opinion required!!
As compared to realme 9i, Redmi note 11 & Samsung A32 which one is better?

I've been working with this phone for almost a week now. Fingerprint sensor is not as bad as I read in some comments here. Actually It does work fine most of the times .I really like the design and the size! Great display! And it's working smoothly. The only issue i have is that It's getting hot a little bit when display is set on 90Hz but it's ok with 60Hz. So only if it had a better chipset!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2022Please give me this phone but I don't have money to ba... moreYes excellent mobiles are expensive for most people although companies can sell them at much lower price so that people can buy them instead of buying used bad mobiles .

  • Tony

xpert, 13 Mar 2022I've just opened the box of Samsung A32. And I'm ... moreFirst of all, expedite an upgrade to the latest version of android. And then take it slowly step by step. Every phone comes with a peculiar type of screen. Once you load your fingerprint and is subsequently uploaded, make sure your finger is always firm and not too dry on the optical sensor. That is the only way the phone responds. There is also facial recognition to assist you access the phone. Apart from that small stress with the fingerprint this phone is awesome by all standards. Battery lasts very long compared to others.

  • Clown

A32 CAMERA is capable to shoot 3.6k videos on rear camera and 2.6k on front camera. Video quality is really good compared to 1080p. You have to use 3rd party camera app.

  • Shezzy

Warning, 10 Mar 2022Do not buy this phone or you'll regret your purchase. ... moreIf you applied a screen protector so remove it. maybe it is not matching to your phone borders and screen sensitivity. I also purchased this phone and seems same condition and my phone screen shuttering automatically. i simple change my screen protector and problem solved.

  • Marcello O.

One of the best phones I've had so far. My previous one was a Samsung Galaxy A21 which only has 32GB of internal storage. This A32 4G has 128GB worth of internal storage, so that's a plus. Not to mention the SUPER AMOLED 90hz display screen, which is nice. The only issues I have with this phone is the vibration motor that keeps cutting off on its own at random times; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Maybe its just my phone that has this sort of problem, who knows. Overall, it's a pretty good phone.

  • Anonymous

Clown , 11 Mar 2022This never happened to me. I agree with fingerprint but oth... morePlease give me this phone but I don't have money to bay this phoneπŸ’”

  • Anonymous

Funny the fact A32 is better device than A32 5G

  • xpert

I've just opened the box of Samsung A32. And I'm highly disappointed to buy this phone . I've never seen this much worse touch pad before. It is not accepting my finger prints on 1st or 2nd try.
There is not any beauty affect in the video call.
It gets slow every other minute.
I have literally wasted my precious money on this Mobile.

  • Clown

Warning, 10 Mar 2022Do not buy this phone or you'll regret your purchase. ... moreThis never happened to me. I agree with fingerprint but other than is good.
I think you didn't upgraded to latest Samsung optimization.

  • Warning

Do not buy this phone or you'll regret your purchase.
-It is constantly freezing up to the point of getting you crazy about it.
-the accidental touch protection is always active and you're display is shaking
-most of the time, the fingerprint is detecting very slooow your thumb
-using some apps like whatsapp, waze is a test of patience - it moves veeery slow
And again, it is constantly freezing and only a forced reboot will solve it.
Save some money and go with an "S"

  • Shani

helena, 05 Mar 2022Fingerprint very difficult to detect 😌Totally agreed

  • helena

Fingerprint very difficult to detect 😌