Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A51

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What would be the estimated price of this device on AMAZON not in stores :3

  • Ron7x

I wish there will be a 5G version of it.

  • Anonymous

This phone DOES have 4K recording. Funny enough even on front camera. A YouTuber got his hands on this phone and showed the 4K recording option in the settings

  • Sharif

Is this camera have night mode ??

  • Anonymous

Shame on Samsung , 18 Dec 2019I saw A70 in one of my friends. Beautifully designed, lovely dis... moreA70 speaker volume is extremely low...but A50 is Ok

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

I will buy it!

  • Shame on Samsung

I saw A70 in one of my friends. Beautifully designed, lovely display and camera quality...
However , I noticed one greediness in Samsung. Single downward firing speaker that can be totally silenced if you suddenly cover it by your palms or fingers.
I noticed greediness in speaker qualities in many budget Samsung devices .

  • Zul Hakim

i want buy this device

  • Utez

Out of the nine or so A series phones, you'd think they can give us one that is not a giant. Here's hoping the A41 will be small like the A40.

  • Anonymous

Great phone, lovely mid range specs. Though, I'd rather sacrifice every camera except one on the back just to have the aluminum body. Plastic feels kinda cheap and not as sturdy.

  • javad.shirizad

It would be better to move the fourth camera to the second camera and flash down to the fourth camera, which looks pretty like the iPhone 11

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2019And because gorilla glass 3 is much cheaper they use more thickn... moreI love your reviews.

  • hajim

You should make camera review for this phone GSM

Please at least make a review on this device.. GSM

  • Anonymous

Jaro, 16 Dec 2019Because its more resistant for scratch than gorilla 5 and 6? I p... moreAnd because gorilla glass 3 is much cheaper they use more thickness and samsung always test there quality so it won't fail in bend test even though the build is plastic. Actually many companies misleading people with gorilla glass 5 and 6 all because companies can choose thickness so a mid-range phone with very low price use very thin glass and it can't withstand much and in flagships its much thicker. And for scrach resistance gorilla glass 3 is best till date even they own admit it.
So for those people looking at different types of glass and buying it pretty much same for all mid-range devices just buy and put screen protector thats it.

  • Abu

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2019I hope you have heard about xiaomi and realme.they give gg 5 at ... moreIts not available everywhere. And from outside india its almost priced at same as huawei and samsung mid- range devices. So only in india and china its very competitive. Here in other countries its mainly between huawei and samsung for mid range devices.

  • Abu

MohammadME, 16 Dec 2019They did put a better fingerprint scanner, better display, much ... moreYaa samsung has new strategy i think like one year the chipset and battery life will change the other year its design and if you have A50 then ur next upgrade is at A52.or if u buy A51 then next upgrade is no compromise for consumers upgrading every 2 years. So its defenatly not good for consumers buying every year.

TJM, 16 Dec 2019There is zero difference in the hardware apart from the display ... moreThey did put a better fingerprint scanner, better display, much improved cameras from last year, UFS storage, extra storage for base variant if I am not mistaken. The only things that didn't change hardware wise are the battery and the processor. Exynos 9611 is kinda lame but I am sure one ui2 and android 10 along with optimization from samsung will be good enough for gaming at high settings, let alone day to day tasks which are good enough at my A50.
I would say that A71 seems to be a better upgrade than A51 because the only thing that didn't change in the A71 is the storage type and battery, which were already among the best in A70, so no complains there.