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  • gaugee

Just bought mine yesterday. I have searched all day around on the camera app and still didn't find how to do a 60fps video. There are only three options: UHD30, FHD30 and HD30. Nice!

  • enomismile

Is there any chance that Samsung will fix the poor depth camera quality with a future update?

  • DJ

Want to ask everyone.. Kindly advise me on this. Since I'm planning to buy this phone and use it for long term for 4 years at least.
1) Is it good to buy this LTE version as there is implementation of 5G in progress in all countries?
2) If 5g implemented, still can use the phone with our 4g package since the phone is not having 5g chip inside of it?

  • Anonymous

Kiv, 04 May 2021Yes buy sony ericsson better.. way cheaper and way betterSony Ericsson has been dead for years.

  • Me

Ultraman Tiga, 06 May 2021Has been using this A52 for a week. So far here is my exper... moreI disagree about the camera
A52 camera is really good especially on night mode and video

But at the end this is your oponion

  • Anonymous

A52 is awesome

  • Igor

PAN, 06 May 2021It has been fixed with April's security update in EU I didnt receive patch

Has been using this A52 for a week. So far here is my experiences:

Midrange phone with some premium features (some is from Flagship):
1) AR Zone - I'm Addictive to this! Thought You also can experience such AR Emoji at Honor/Huawei midrange phone.
2) IP67, Stereo Speaker with Dolby Atmos
3) Super Amoled with IP67 and screen fingerprint.
For other pros:
4) Customizable on lock screen such video, and also on call screen (either video or picture)
5) 8GB RAM & 256GB storage, Samsung long term update (everyone know Samsung update always fix any issue if they have, and very good), almost fully optimized so called cheapest chipset 720G, this phone will be one of very good phone for long term use 3-4 years +
6) NFC for those who like to use Samsung Pay. Only useful if a lot merchant or store having Samsung Pay as payment option at your place/country.
7) Battery take less time to full charge due small battery. 20% - 90% about 1 Hours 10 minutes. Despite 4500MAH the battery surprisingly bit long lasting. I playing Yugioh DUel Link 2-3 hours and only took around 25% - 35% juice. Using for casual or social media continuously only took around 20% juice for 3 hours.
8) On stock, almost Samsung essential apps not installed. This reserve some space and you wont need to worry to uninstall them as those not installed. You may download them manually if you wish to install them.

1) Camera quality is good, but sometimes quality turn into average. Super Slow Motion quality not great.
2) As Im ex Redmi (Xiaomi) user, I'm surprised Samsung phone still have limited customizable. The only new customizable for me is Always On Display. Other are still same as I use Samsung J3 Pro 2017. This is the only lack of premium that Redmi/Xiaomi beat this phone.

In vs Redmi Note 10 pro/Poco F3:
Redmi Note 10 Pro: Won on camera quality and fully customizable theme
Poco F3: Won on gaming performance
Samsung Galaxy A52: Won for premium quality, long term usage, Jack All Trade, and almost fully optimized chipset for casual usage, lite gaming and social media user.

Over all, Im giving 4.5/5 for this phone. :)

  • Anonymous

Jacksonzxzx, 06 May 2021Does this phone starts getting warm during task such as bro... moreNot getting warm during normal tasks like facebook instagram browsing and cahtting.
For games I do not know, i do not play

Does this phone starts getting warm during task such as browsing the web, scrolling on instagram or sending messages and does heat up during games such as real racing 3 and cod mobile

  • PAN

Kamal, 05 May 2021A 52 very poor quality ear speaker. It has been fixed with April's security update

  • Anonymous

Akhil, 05 May 2021So it does support wifi calling in its current software (i.... moreYes. You just open the call app and enable it. No additional app or software needed.

  • Akhil

Anonymous, 04 May 2021You have to enable it in the call app. Default is off.So it does support wifi calling in its current software (i.e. android 11)? Please confirm. No update/ installation is required. Just need to switch it ''on" in the settings?
This is very important feature for me to finalize the purchase.

  • Kamal

A 52 very poor quality ear speaker.

  • Anonymous

Phoenix-07, 05 May 2021Very nice phone indeed, although I have experienced 2 issue... moreVibration only happens when the fingerprint can't be read.

  • Ceres

Jackson, 05 May 2021Does this phone gets warm during simple task like scrolling... moreOnly when charging

  • Phoenix-07

Very nice phone indeed, although I have experienced 2 issues.
1. Vibration doesn't work while using fingerprint sensor, be it to unlock the phone or register the fingerprints.
2. Single take doesn't work right, only takes videos, no filter pics, no best shot.
If someone knows how to solve these issues, I will really appreciate it.

  • Jackson

Does this phone gets warm during simple task like scrolling through Instagram, watching YouTube videos and browsing the web and does it get warm during games

  • Anonymous

Akhil, 04 May 2021He Everyone, Please confirm if Samsung Galaxy A52 supports... moreYou have to enable it in the call app. Default is off.

  • Anonymous

Real, 04 May 2021My A52 also getting hot during charge,but after completing ... more25W is higher than 15W, which means more heat output as well. Just charge at 10W (slow), it will leave your battery in better shape.