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  • Anonymous

Jk3, 13 Oct 2021I have a few problems with this phone. 1. Plastic frame ... moreLmao tech geek and says phone isn't 6GB when the system has to take up some of the RAM🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2021I have 4g+ in my a52 Hey there is Samsung A52 and Samsung A52 5G Don't confusing.

great phone my versión 6 +128 dual sim

  • Jk3

I have a few problems with this phone.

1. Plastic frame gives too much sqeak when holding without a case (you can obviously see build material is cheap where as they used to give you aluminium frame on the a51 and a71 series)

2. Everytime i open camera and being there for a while, the app will jump out on random

3. Whenever i turn on hotspot and mobile data the phone starts overheating

4. The speakers ain't loud and what i found out is, it's a cheap speaker they placed inside this phone

5. I have the 6/128 blue version of this phone and whenever i am using youtube for an 1 1/2 or 2hrs, the phone dramatically slows down and when i go in settings, it says 1.2GB ram left

6. This phone is not no 6gb ram, instead samsung gives you 2.5gb to 3gb to use out of your 6gb that you pay for

7. The communicayion isn't great. For eg. Whenever someone tries to call, the phone doesn't ring or give any notification bleep until you pick up the phone

8. I hate this macro camera because it has no use. When i compare this to the 10x zoom that it gives me, the 10x zoom is way better than this gimmicky macro camera.

9. The chipset is too weak compared to other competitors. The reason i boguht this phone at the time in June was becuz i didn't know much about these phones even though i'm a tech geek. For eg. Whenever you try genshin impact on some high graphics or minecraft, it gives you too much lag.

10. After the september update, battery life has sucked to the core where i don't even really use it anymore instead i use my dell computer

11. The bezels are way too thick compared to last generation of galaxy midrange phones.

12. A 15w charger samsung? Most other brands give you a clear case, 30w charger or more out of the box, a headphone. But samsung did not give you any of that but a 15w slow charger which takes about 2.5 - 3hrs to charge based on my experience.

13. The fingerprint is so slow, sometimes it doesn't recognize my fingerprint (In a few instances)

14. These cameras are so bad in saturation and all. The stabilization is good but photos are very crappy worst of all the front camera.

15. This glass i don't think is gg5, it scratches way too easily. Better to keep on your plastic screen protector if you have this phone.

16. Phone has no grip whatsoever. You basically have to use both hands to text or type.

17.The phone is 450-490 on amazon right now which is overpriced for a phone like this when the galaxy a52s is 440 or 527 depending on storage and ram.

These are the problems that i have and this makes me wanna get a new phone but in the next two years or so, i won't buy any more galaxy and force my pocket to buy flagship chinese brands or an apple phone. This experience makes me kinda hate this phone and that my uncle ever bought it.

  • Anonymous

Tifu, 10 Oct 2021I think it's also because Samsung skips on carrier agg... moreI have 4g+ in my a52

  • Anonymous

Jimmy Q, 10 Oct 2021Look at these fake comments and "reviews" from je... moreThank you,been saying the same, reading some of the posts here will make you think you're buying a phone that won't function at all.

  • Anonymous

Tifu, 10 Oct 2021 In their M and F series. That wouldn't be very useful though

  • Anonymous

Tifu, 10 Oct 2021I think it's also because Samsung skips on carrier agg... moreMine shows 4G+ right now

  • Tifu

Tifu, 10 Oct 2021I think it's also because Samsung skips on carrier agg... more In their M and F series.

  • Tifu

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021Less emissions (SAR value).I think it's also because Samsung skips on carrier aggregation and 4G+ in their mid range phones.

  • Jimmy Q

Look at these fake comments and "reviews" from jealous and poor commentors. OK we get it, you can't afford pricier Samsung phones, doesn't mean you have to go out of your way to post fake comments about this phone.
I own both xiaomi and Samsung mid range phones and Samsung always trumps Xiaomi.
Yeah we get better hardware with xiaomi, but guess who optimises the software better?

  • Anonymous

Asif, 09 Oct 2021Why Samsung phones have weak signal strength than other brands?Less emissions (SAR value).

  • Asif

Why Samsung phones have weak signal strength than other brands?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2021What do u mean. I bought it on 13 june. I wanted to ask. Do... moreIf you can live without new features or just new look and eye candy, not updating would be wiser. It's all done intentionally. Have you ever seen a PC with 8 cores and fast storage slowing down and using more power after 5 years of Windows updates?

Phones are basically PC's nowadays and new Android versions are not hard to run, but manufacturers go out of their way to not update their drivers. So most devices run the best with the system they shipped with. Soon Right To Repair is going to go mainstream and shenanigans like this will not be ignored. Let's hope Samsung gets fined and learns for once.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021It's fine and works well. For better smoothness, anima... moreWhat do u mean. I bought it on 13 june. I wanted to ask. Does that mean that we should really upgrade to android 12 or 13 or 14? From your previous experiences

MysticShin, 09 Oct 2021tbh, samsung ia not like what u said. if samsung is a good ... moreIt's not that I get used to the system like what you are saying, I'm an engineer and a knowledgeable person and can easily get used to now systems, the problem is that I feel that Xiaomi's MIUI always looks unstable, I face problems with some apps that seem instable and full of bugs, but those are the same apps and same versions used on my other samsung phone and work much smoother and easier. Some software options amd apps options just don't work the same way all the times. Even though a samsung and xiaomi phone will have same hardware, Samsung's software gives a better and more stable and reliable overall user experience. MIUI is not a good UI overall and needs tons of improvements to become like Samsung's one UI.

GSMer, 09 Oct 2021I am now using redmi note 10 as first xiaomi phone after 10... moretbh, samsung ia not like what u said. if samsung is a good android phone i agree but if u said a beast nope .. u just happen buy the wrong android and type. thts my opinion.
and different type of android with different brand has his own setting which is some ppl must learn how to make use of it, maybe ur first phone is samsung thats why u can say like tht.

S.S.A, 09 Oct 2021Samsung a52 better than poco x3 pro. Im asking this bcz i h... moreI am now using redmi note 10 as first xiaomi phone after 10 years of using samsung phones and my final conclusion regarding everything in this phone as general, I concluded that samsung is really the android beast and much much better than Xiaomi in all aspects. I think this phone will be my first and last Xiaomi phone

  • S.S.A

Samsung a52 better than poco x3 pro. Im asking this bcz i hve read the Miui very bad so is a52 better than poco x3 pro or not?

  • Anonymous

PandaiNgaco53, 08 Oct 2021Is there any A52 user here who has a gap between the back c... moreWarranty? They'll definitely help you as long as the warranty is still on. Even if they can't do anything about it, you can ask for third party repair to solve your issue but your warranty is gone the second you open the back plastic. I suggest you to go to the service center first and claim your warranty