Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

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  • Anon

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2021Which is better between poco f3 and A52s? Thanks!Both are very good.
You can't go wrong with any of them.

  • Anonymous

cl, 08 Oct 2021I think A72s will never happen. Samsung already wasted that... moreAn opportunity to use A72s is still remaining. Snapdragon 870

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021They may or may not know about knox but they sure know abou... moreLol! But tbh, I also need custom ROM, not knox. 😂

  • Anonymous

Which is better between poco f3 and A52s? Thanks!

  • Panlask

Are we eventually going to see a 16:9 to 18:9 aspect phone?
We are not even offered a single product, just for choice!

These are to narrow to browse portrait, to shallow to browse landscape!
Not to mention games.
Just to boast for more inches, but with really less surface....

An d this one lacks the telephoto camera. Why reserve only for S?

Nitthu, 10 Oct 2021Does a52s support samsung payYes

  • Nitthu

Does a52s support samsung pay

This is the best phone I ever had. The only one problem is weak 4G signal.

  • Anonymous

I use the new A52s 5G that I got from the pre-sale. In all aspect this phone got a good experience with me. Something that make me concern is sometimes there is a bug when you touch or typing the sound effect is not come out right after you do it. It will appears after 30s or more. I hope this only a softeare problems that could be fix by software upgrade.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021Why people care only spec?. Xiaomi have ads and so many bug... moreThey may or may not know about knox but they sure know about custom rom.

  • Anonymous

Why people care only spec?. Xiaomi have ads and so many bug in global rom. These people dont know what is knox on samsung device.

  • Anonymous

which one i buy ??? & why???

11T xiaomi....A52s

pros of A52s:::::
3.5mm jack
sd card
smaller screen 160mm (its not big deal while the other one 164mm)

pros of 11T:::::
so much better chipset (Actually its flagship, almost sd870)
better Display
better camera without Ois
5000Mah 67W
B 5.2
infrared port(if u care)

in my area 8/256 of A52S have equal price with 8/128 of 11T

  • M

PandaiNgaco53, 08 Oct 2021Is there any A52s 5G user here who has a gap between the ba... moreno such gap.

  • stef

RandyRiffin, 08 Oct 2021In short, S20 FE 5G is a better buy than A52s 5G, unless yo... moreActually they are very similar performance wise.
Maybe better graphic chip on FE but thats only important for heavy gamers. For camera I agree. They are very close. Talking only about main camera. Wide is better on A52s. For me thats also important one.
Battery performance same.
Loudspeaker same score.
3.5mm jack is for me mandatory, if there is no adapter for usb type C.

Conclusion, very similar devices, slight advantage for camera goes to FE, graphic performance for gamers, but A52s has 3.5 mm audio jack, maybe longer software support as it is newer device.

I own Mi 9t (xiaomi) and im suprised how close its camera is with these new devices. Actually outperforms A52s in some photos.

  • cl

RandyRiffin, 08 Oct 2021In short, S20 FE 5G is a better buy than A52s 5G, unless yo... moreI think A72s will never happen. Samsung already wasted that oppurtunity when they opted to use 720G processor. It would have been their best Midranger.

V, 19 Aug 2021Postponing release from months. 35k price who will buy th... moreIn my country, this is one of the best seller midrange phone. I think it'll be the same in India. just buy what you can buy or want to.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021Did you even look at their resolutions? Bro at least refere... moreStop making excuses for soulless corporations, consooomer.

DontBeNoob, 06 Oct 2021Make reading a habit. This one is snapdragon not exynos.He was not talking about this phone. He was talking about the S20 FE, which is arguably a more compelling package than this, and which variant of that one is best.

Viknesh, 04 Oct 2021I'm stuck between choosing the A52s or the OnePlus 8T.... moreLike I said in my last comment, S20 FE is actually a better deal than A52s if you can get it at the same price, so if you need a Samsung phone, then just get S20 FE. It is actually pretty comparable to the 8T, with wayy better cameras, a micro SD card and similar performance. Although Oneplus has better software, speakers, faster charging and a glass back (which may or may not be a positive to you). Choose whichever overall package is better in your opinion.

AM, 05 Oct 2021Red color/shades appear as crimson in samsung a52s 5g. Is i... moreAs in if you shine a red light at A52s back, it appears crimson? Because A52s doesn't have a red variant.