Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

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  • AnonD-580915

Guys i am seriously confused between htc M8 eye and SG A5(2016)please help me out serious comment only..does battery last long for @lest 5-6 hour and does OTG support..

  • mudassir burondkar

I am thinking to buy..please tell me battery it last upto..does it support OTG ..please help me out

  • AnonD-551566

ok i bought this phone 2 days ago and i'm loving it, the thing that i have to get used to, is glass on the back (i had the A3) but nothing to whine about except my gps is not working properly inside buildings (office where my A3 had no issues at all) if anyone knows if this is fixable plz let me know, overall an amazing device ^_^

  • AnonD-139449

I like gorilla back pack and compact 5 inch screen, still is it worth to buy as secondary phone ?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-448911, 05 Sep 2016Which one good looking n good performance (Galaxy A5-2016 O... moreHonestly, Galaxy A5 better in many aspects. If you only care about design, maybe XA better choice for you.

  • AnonD-448911

Which one good looking n good performance (Galaxy A5-2016 Or Xperia XA) i should use Fr long time anyone can Tel me..

  • khi

Which is good looking n good performance Galaxy a5(2016) or Xperia xa plz reply anyone and i should use Fr long time...
Or any windows phone

  • reza

hi have screen mirroring this mobile ?

  • shetu

Problem only charge. Finishing very fast.

  • WindyRain0212

Best phone I had so far (and I owned a lot).
Performance is pretty good, but it's of course not a high-end phone, so slightly lacking sometimes. Got even better after Android MM update though.
Cameras are good enough.
Only issue are the hardware buttons.. Almost every other company uses on-screen buttons now. Would be way better if Samsung would too.
Battery drains VERY slow. Even with gaming it takes quite a while. Just take good care of the battery and you'll have much fun! (research on Li-Ion batteries, and you'll find out.)

Total: 7/10, a really good premium midranger.

  • Anonymous

Hi friends don't believe in fake comments..I am using this phone since 2 problem lagging no hanging..I sure that one of the best stylish phone ever.excellent performing this phone u will don't regret.. by happy customer....

  • AnonD-562831

they say phone is ugly and they do not wear this phone.. lol

  • Anonymous

i see alot of people here like to talk lies so please do not listen to them

  • AnonD-563358

everyone that has problems with heating...prove to insert you sd card is the main reason to heat phone up

  • rrrr

When i charged my a5(6) it become very hot...
Its android 6.0.1.....

  • sid

AnonD-493208, 03 Sep 2016That phone is great. No lags . Battery time is awesome. And... moreIts true??...bcoz some peoples says it lags confused bro.

  • Anonymous

ANKIT KUMAR, 04 Sep 2016am upadte samsung a5 2016 6.0.1 but charging is very slow ... moreMaybe wipe cache partition will help u

  • AnonD-559709

Tonny , 04 Sep 2016Same problem battery drain's to fast but I don't play games... moretrue..battery iphone 5s draining so fast even not play


am upadte samsung a5 2016 6.0.1 but charging is very slow
so plz help me

  • AnonD-466846

ratdota, 04 Sep 2016it depends on the screen size and the ram samsung galaxy a5 2016 5.2" 2gb ram and the j7 2016 5.5" 2gb ram