Samsung Galaxy A70s

Samsung Galaxy A70s

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  • Ktwmqpcv
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  • 28 Sep 2019

Why Samsung is so greedy when it comes to make the new successor of a70. I see no difference despite the 64mp camera.
At least Samsung should have put sd above 700 series.. Tired of same features. I was expecting soc sd710/712 or 730, 5,000 mah battery bigger then 4500 mah, higher ppi density above 400. Glass body, notch less display. But sadly no difference and price is around inrs 30,000 for this cheap midrange.
What a joke Samsung.

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    • Myron
    • 476
    • 28 Sep 2019

    Literally almost the same as an A70. Just the camera is different. Save your money.

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      • J
      • tug
      • 28 Sep 2019

      Why does the chin in this looks bigger than the one in a70?

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        • Somebody
        • LaT
        • 28 Sep 2019

        Good midrange :) I can buy for my grand mother :)

          Omg... That chin...

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            • Henry
            • sxr
            • 28 Sep 2019

            Hope it will be released in the Philippines the soonest....

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              • Blue_Astray
              • JEa
              • 27 Sep 2019

              price differences around 50 euro but what you got compared with A70 is :
              - new rear 64MP camera with new gen sensor
              - NFC available (in A70 NFC only available in some country)
              - new rear with prims effect but still a PLASTIC cover
              - decrease in RAM from max 8GB to only 6 GB
              - decrease in battery from 4500mAh to 4400mAh (see in the samsung official data)
              - the same finger print under screen sensor (lots of report of error)
              - the same SD675
              - the same andreno 612

              if there is more please add it in this post so samsung can see that lots of people DISAPPOINTED in the price and performance if compared between A70 and A70s

                Samsung has released another plastic with SD675. There are no IP68 rating, No Back gorilla glass protection, Front protection maybe gorilla glass v3, price is again 29k. Very very ridiculous specifications with this price.

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                  • chats
                  • 8AU
                  • 27 Sep 2019

                  If this and upgrade for the A70 sorry but this is BS....

                    Chipset SD675, again a plastic finish? No IP rating! Price 29000 Indian rupees? Go to hell. In this price segment other companies are offering SD855 or at least SD730G. Samsung is ridiculous again.

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                      • babyLeprachaun
                      • QTb
                      • 27 Sep 2019

                      whats the difference ??

                        Third 64MP Camera Phone

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 6PE
                          • 27 Sep 2019


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                            • Vir
                            • HkX
                            • 27 Sep 2019

                            675 not upgrade

                              The chin is even bigger than A70.