Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

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  • AnonD-78317

I am using this cell Model A-710FD but no any problem but during the charge it becomes some heat.No any other problem but when i am watching n score board by daily or top 10 finding no name of this cell on score board.What is the reason though it the best cell we are using in these days.

  • Nik

Good looking, but below average camera for this price tag

  • paul

ravi,k, 07 May 2016i am confusion bitween a5 2016 or a7 2016 witch is best and comfort a7 2016 is the best

  • DCA

samsung galaxy a 7 2016 is a best phone I have ever used. 3 GB ram; No lagging. Fast Charging. Very Fast Camera :for focusing - tap on the object first & then click . Minor heating during charging can be ignored better not to use during charging. Many other best features like good battery backup, Dual Sim as well as SD card can be inserted, sufficient storage if used with SD card , finger print security, good looking, gesture, Fast download. You will remain updated without changing it for next 2 - 3 years with this latest phone. Care from falling down is required (glass metal combination ) Battery is non removable; I never remove battery in my present phone (Grand2 ) . Only request for samsung to minimise the price of it's next version bring with lesser weight & provide water & dust resistance feature.


He asked which one is better, not which one more expensive.

  • Anonymous

He asked which one is better, not which one more expensive.

  • AnonD-536675

AnonD-536791, 13 May 2016hi i purchased samsung a7 1 month ago . mobile is hanging while ... morewe are doomed!


hi , i am using samsung galaxy a7 since 9mnth now i m getting trouble while charging its start blinking or if i received any notification

  • AnonD-536791

hi i purchased samsung a7 1 month ago . mobile is hanging while using or receiving call . not able stop the ringing hanging many times . 32k mobile hanging so soon . within 1 month

  • AnonD-536675

Got mine a month ago. clear screen, fast and long battery life. However, two weeks ago, it starts to hang on Facebook. Cant open FB comments and even log out. I need to reset from time to time. Anybody have fix on this? Its starting to annoy me.

  • AnonD-536662

Which model would you recommend to buy: A7 2016 or S6?

  • jack

which is better 2gb dual channel ram at 933mhz or 3gb single channel at 800mhz bandwith both ddr3 ram

  • Yash taneja

AnonD-535383, 11 May 2016This is my 1st post on GsmArena, I bought Samsung A7 6, arou... moreYou are 100 %.

  • Gangadhar

Doesn't have S-Mode option

  • Haroon

Karthik, 06 May 2016Hi Buddy. you can try Note 4. Great phone..Note 4 or A7 which one good and best battery time

  • AnonD-535383

This is my 1st post on GsmArena,

I bought Samsung A7 6, around 2 weeks back. This phone is simply awesome worth every penny spend.
1) Fingerprint sensor - super fast and quick.
2) Camera - Superb clarity (Front and Back)
3) Looks - Metal body with Gorilla Glass at front and back, Beautifully made and feels like a proper flagship
4) Loud speakers are decent enough (I live and work in a silent environment)
5) Expandable Memory
6) Dual Sim
7) Phone works super smooth no lags what so ever till now. (Note I have not installed Facebook Apps which tend to make phone slow)
8) Web browsing is quick with chrome provided with proper internet
9) Gaming Performance is again good - Asphalt 8, COC, Candy Crush and few more works perfect.
10) Quick charging - in 1hr 30min phone gets 100% charged !
11) Battery life - this was a stunner after 1hr calls , 20-30min of gaming, whtsapp messaging, facebooking (On Chrome browser), battery last for around 36hrs.

1) A little bulky - coz of the metal body.
2) Internal Memory - 16GB (I move all the possible apps to memory card, default storage photo storage to memory card, move whatsapp images to sd card)

Inside box :
1) Headphones
2) Fast charger
3) Sim card tray ejector pin
4) Manual

Added ** 100 GB One Drive storage for 2 years - That's what I got for free

Overall its a excellent phone to buy !

denj, 08 May 2016The best phone and battery life. Nice design and ilove the metal... moreThe back glass, not metal.

Anonymous, 08 May 2016What are u trying to compare here ? Samsung A7 with iphone 6 Plu... moreHe asked which one is better, not which one more expensive.

dA, 09 May 2016What kind of question is that. What kind of question?

  • dA

jacob, 08 May 2016Which is better,iphone 6 plus or samsung galaxy a7 (2016)What kind of question is that.