Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

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  • Nadia

KAREN, 20 May 2016i bought a7(2016) 1 mth ago, at first, the phone keep hanging/ja... moreHello karen..i want to ask you something about samsung A7(2016) it true that some people say about it's lcd screen can broken it true because i bought it recently but then my friend just told me that the lcd screen quite sensitive..

  • sangeet

Excellent mobile. Battery Back up super. camera quality nice

  • Ng

A9 6.0 is out, now waiting for A7 2016.
Maybe within 2 month?

  • new samsung A7 2016

I have purchased A7 2016 recently; it gives me around 250MB updates stating updated firmware to latest version and features - is it ok to go with it? How to monitor which updates are recommended

  • a7

When will gets updated Marschmilo؟؟؟

  • AnonD-426652

I m using this galaxy A7 2016 for last 3 months totally awesome smartphone long battery life with smooth performance and very sexy look overall 10 on 10


i bought a7(2016) 1 mth ago, at first, the phone keep hanging/jammed almost everyday, i decide to uninstall "cm cleaner" & stop using "smart manager" that is what my friend advise me to do. after that i install "yellow booster"( recommend by facebook for a7 user) until now, my phone very smooth, no hang problem anymore.


a7 2016 nice phone in 2016 but only one problem phone is heating when charging

  • royal guy

i ve been facin a problm with my new galaxy a7 2016. any multimedia player wont work after cal
l,one message will pop out "unable to play during call" and while using messanger mi main camera button doesnt work...can anybody suggest me some solution

  • roshan

AnonD-523448, 18 May 2016Hello every one, Did any one updated the software this phone as... moreHi, Danish. I also bought the fone 3 days ago. It's truly an awesome phone.
However, as per my past experiences updates only ruin the Battery life of the phone with more add-on features. My previous set Z2 also had awesome battery life with KitKat but after the Lollipop update everything was ruined.
See, my main concern is BATTERY LIFE. And the present OS is giving amazing battery life. Therefore, I'll probably not update my fone anymore. If you need new features in your phone then you can consider going for S/W updates but according to me Samsung has given more than enough features in this phone.

  • AnonD-523448

Hello every one,
Did any one updated the software this phone as its frequently asking when ever i connect it to internet...?

Is this worth updating to latest software update...?


  • AnonD-538315

I am in the UK. Where can I buy this?

  • Niraj

Hi i am using this phone from a week , but when i am connecting to my laptop for Charging it not shows me the option like charge only .
please advise me what i will do

  • roshan

Set is good. I'm coming from a Sony Z2. In short, 4 things according to me which are very good in this set are :
1. Battery life is insane (Similar to Sony),
2. Screen is so goooood to look at (Much much better than Sony),
3. Net speed is blazing fast. (Even faster than SD801 of Z2 which was quite fast),
4. Looks awesome (Z2 also looks OK though).
Overall, it is a thumbs up for me. But, gamers beware. This might not be for you. Rest everything is awesome to say the LEAST.

  • Jarret

I've bought Samsung A7 2016 last week and i give tumbs-up for it. It's the best mid-range smartphone 2016 ever. It's brillliant SAmoled Full HD screen, beautiful 13 MP rear and 5 MP front camera, smart finger-print screen lock, 3 GB RAM, smooth running & no lagging at all. I just only give tumb-down about it's speaker volume - so low. Galaxy A7 (2016) is owesome smartphone just better than the more expensive tiny 4 inches screen - iPhone5SE. Thankyou so much Samsung. Good works

  • harry

hey i been using the phone since one week no prob at all its only get heatup when charging rest phone is fab

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2016which one better A7 or Note 4 ?note4

  • AnonD-106403

Two month before i got this galaxy A7 2016 smartphone OTG file transferring very worst [max file transfer speed is 4Mbps only in other phone 25 Mbps], some times call not pickup & camera is very worst please any update. this mobile is not worth for 33k only 15k is this phone value please give me solution or update

  • Anonymous

which one better A7 or Note 4 ?

  • AnonD-536662

Is this a flagman ?