Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

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  • AnonD-520406

parishsharma, 02 May 2016I want phn with goodbattery backup nd good camera too ?Camera is good.battery is great.

  • Ashwani

A7 2016 edition sporting 4g network

  • AnonD-505221

Will SAMSUNG be kind enough to let its users know the schedule of Marshmallow Update to Samsung A-7(2016) i.e. A-710FD...?

  • parishsharma

I want phn with goodbattery backup nd good camera too ?

  • afsat

summ.reason, 29 Apr 2016which one is goog A5 or J7 plzz reply urgentj7

  • Malith

A7 2016 is one of the best phones for professional use. The features in it are exactly what is required by the business people.
No second thoughts. Go for A7 2016!

Has any of you that own this phone been able to play fifa 16 with it?

  • Anonymous

summ.reason, 29 Apr 2016which one is goog A5 or J7 plzz reply urgentif you have some budget for buying then definitely a7 2016 and if you want to get good performance in low price then j7.

  • Archit sharma

awsm super smart nice phone... i like it...

  • AnonD-520406

Very good phone.display is very good and vivid.

  • Phoneuser

AnonD-530894, 27 Apr 2016Yet another disappointment. Samsung you never miss an occassio... moreBecause YOU bought one phone and it is faulty. You are Saying Samsung A7 phones are no good and Samsung is a disappointment.? If you bought an orange that was grown in Florida and it was bad, are you going to say ALL oranges grown in Florida are no good? I take it then that if YOU make a mistake in your life, then YOU are a disappointment also. You need to help your biased hypocritical comments to your self and please don't drive a care, because most car manufacturers had to recall at least one faulty car at some point. So by your logic, they are all disappointments.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2016s 7 A9 is awesome f4nds

  • summ.reason

which one is goog A5 or J7 plzz reply urgent

  • SuperSubs

AnonD-530894, 27 Apr 2016Yet another disappointment. Samsung you never miss an occassio... moreYou should try charging it, I had the same problem but I realized it will never switch on if its on 0%. An I left in the charger for about an hour then it was fine.


i want to buy a phone. whether i should go for samsung a7 or sony xperia z3+ ?????

  • Anonymous

renu, 25 Apr 2016which one is better? A7, A5 or J7 pl suggest me?s 7

  • Rajeev chona

Amazing phone. ......

  • AnonD-241793

Have been using the Galaxy A7 (2016 series) for 3 weeks now. The features that i'm really impressed are:

Excellent battery life (3300mAH), lasts for a day with 30% battery remaining. Same to the Galaxy S7 edge.
Charges the device less than 2 hours. It took me 100min to charge from 0% to 100%. The Galaxy A5 charges 5 min less due to battery capacity.
Fast performance (way better than my old Huawei Ascend P6 that I bought 2 years ago). I like fast-performance and fair SoC processors since I use for social networking and music all the time.
No lagging at all (expect for the Flipboard briefing on the homescreen, which you can disable it through the screen and makes it even smoother to the Galaxy J7).
The design is exactly the same as the Galaxy S6 and the S7, however there is no heart-rate or gyroscope sensor, which I didn't need it. There is S Health as well.
The camera is good, but not as good as the Galaxy S6/S7 or Note 5.
I can use 2 sim cards with 1 microSD card at a time. A710FD is the only model that can provide it.
Processor is Exynos 7580, same with Galaxy J7 with 64-bit processing technology.

So far, I rate this device 4/5. Should have been much better. I hope they improve the device with their next Galaxy A (2017 series). Only the metal and glass design might cause the possibility of becoming slippery with your wet or sweaty hands unless you place a hard cover with the device.

  • Anonymous

Tini, 24 Apr 2016Is it good for gaming . its not for gamers.

  • Anonymous

Is this phone supports CDMA?