Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

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  • Anonymous

Duarte Simões, 27 Oct 2019The newer Samsungs are, the worse they are. Believe-me. There is... more..then why do you keep on buying Samsung products?

  • Dn

Lukluko, 26 Nov 2019Pare ! the phone doesn't support Samsung pay. sirauloDownload for galaxy store

Im.happy with this phone long batt life it runs like a charm!!!

  • Lukluko

Pare ! the phone doesn't support Samsung pay. siraulo

  • Mahimathrima

Disappointed with the side mounted finger print sensor along with the back cover..other than that the phone runs smooth...superb front camera with excellent color display

  • Anonymous

Had this phone for nearly one year and for a mid range phone it is excellent. 4 GB RAM with 64GB internal plus 64GB SD card is more than enough and cameras are great quality. Worked well overseas also. Highly recommend.

Owner of this device. Most of normal usage, it runs smooth. I see no issues other than CONS listed below.

-Crisp image detail
-LED Light at the back can adjust its brightness
-Color adjustment, B&W option
-Bokeh feature is great for photo creativity (can adjust)
-File Manager is easy to manage.

-Panorama has issues on camera (bubble eye). No fix
-No LED light for messages/notification
-Speaker at the bottom. Sound is not balanced as watched videos (headset recommended)
-Auto brightness doesn't follow light sensitivity. Hassle if enabled.
-Some edges didnt response quickly

  • Anonymous

The specs states that it support wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac network. But my A7 can't detect wifi ac network. It only scan a/b/g/n network.

Is the specs incorrect, or something went wrong with my phone?
How can I fix this?

  • emremrah

Totally okay with the phone. Using for six months. Good battery lite, stable UI. But it's a bit slow, I'm not happy with the performance; I think Xiaomi serves better performance with this price. But I got this phone for overall quality and S-AMOLED screen and happy with those. And since it's a mid-tier, performance is acceptable.

  • Anonymous

AAA, 29 Oct 2019May i ask if the Samsung A7 2018 is compatible to HDMI connect to TV?NO

  • AAA

May i ask if the Samsung A7 2018 is compatible to HDMI connect to TV?

  • Duarte Simões

The newer Samsungs are, the worse they are. Believe-me. There is an outrageous lack of quality control. My brand new A7 keeps telling me that the SD card was removed. Nonsense! My wife's A40 keeps closing applications in her face. My A5 had the power on button fail three times already, was repaired three times in less than two years. The list is endless. Current Samsungs are sold full of bugs and no one seems to care. Together with Apple, they fully took hold of the market and now they sell downright unreliable devices.
My S4's and S5 from 2015 keep working perfectly. I was careful NOT to make any software update. These are nothing more than poison to stuff your phone's memory needlessly. Don't be naïve. Do not install them needlessly.

  • Ray

Do you have any issue with main camera's auto focus? been experiencing it for a quite a while now. Did hard reset and clear cache and data but still experiencing the same issue.

  • Tan

Is Smart Parking Melaka apps compatible for this phone? Received a msg “apps not compatible to phone” when I tried installing.

  • Futra

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2019anyone received Oct.1 2019 update ???? Yes. And what I've noticed these few weeks is a slightly better network (wifi hotspot) connection, and the camera quality is back to stock imo.. not better but I'm just saying it has been reverted, so yeah.. acceptable.

  • Anonymous

anyone received Oct.1 2019 update ????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2019No quickcharge ? i cant charge my phone with samsungs quickcharg... moreSammy try to prevent note 7 fiasco.
When QC is must buy Motorola and sony, bith have capable battery, my galaxy note only support old QC, only note 10 support faster

  • Anonymous

No quickcharge ? i cant charge my phone with samsungs quickcharge charger when i plug didnt get charged. Thats stupid i paid 300 dolars for this phone other companys specialy chinese companys sells better phone than this and more cheap !

  • Anonymous

Futra, 17 Oct 2019The One UI is amazing. The whole os experience is better. The do... moreOk. Thanks

It is a great handset, with good cameras, cool performance, beautiful screen, battery OK.