Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)

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  • Unknown

I like it....Hope the design is like s8 and affordable :)

  • AnonD-441601

Its only a rumour but as i know Samsung they will ask at least 500 despite phone its specs and stats will be worth maybe 200-300

  • samsungfanboi

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2017Weird....the only difference is the ram from 2017 version..... moreThe Galaxy A 2018 series wont be released in 2017, they will be released in 2018 for sale but they will be announced/presented at the end of 2017, like Samsung did before, since they announced the A 2016 line-up, presenting the line-up at the end of December 2016 and releasing the series at January the next year (in case of the A 2017 series, samething with the A 2016 series just year before).


  • Anu

No Use Same Model if you compare 2017 , it should be release like 2016 model and with styles

  • mymora88

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2017Weird....the only difference is the ram from 2017 version..... moreIt's unnofficial specs dude !

  • Anonymous

Weird....the only difference is the ram from 2017 version....why release 2018 in 2017....stupid

  • Harrison Wells

Hey, hey, wait! Wasn't this phone supposed to have 4k recording capability? Although, I guess it's best to play it safe until we know for sure.

  • Hussey

2018 and internal storage us only 32GB? It should be 64 GB at least. I am buying it if it comes with 64GB. May be Samsung needs 2019 to provide 64 GB of internal storage for A series.

  • Jose

Thas a kind of wird, the only diference with the A7 (2017) is the RAM I don't belive samsung will realese the same phone just with a minimun diference, the A series is changing a lot in every new version.

  • AnonD-617820

I find it weird why wouldn't Samsung released it in 2018 alongside A3 and A5 just like 2017 edition else