Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung Galaxy A8

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  • AnonD-426652

Galaxy A8 is superb in all aspects i m using it for last 2 months very smooth and silky and very good battery life,design and display awesome

  • Suria195

I format my mobile and switch on it and cannot login it's asking for previously account even it's enter cannot login.

  • Bibhu

Does it have otg support

  • Louis

HTC one A9 is much better than Samsung A8 in all aspects.

  • loveme

compare with samsung a7 and a8 wich one is good??

  • papa

My A8 only a month old and it start to lag. It take few seconds to back to home screen when I press the home button. The screen is totally dark for couple second beore home screen appear again. I try to off and restart, it take few minutes phone total shut down.
I am regret to come back to Samsung. Before I was using Xperia XL, it was super.

  • Anonymous

I have been using this phone for 2 months, its a great phone, only concern is no notification LED.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-419982, 19 Jan 2016Does it have notification led And smart remote like galaxy s5?? ?No

  • AnonD-257122

It's a very good phone infact worth every single penny, using it since a week now & haven't faced a single issue till date. Superb build quality it's the slimmest phone by Samsung, battery life is really good watched live sport today for about 50 mins & the battery went down by 5% which is really great, camera is perfect although it doesn't have ois but that's not an issue the pics turn out crisp & clear outdoors, acceptable indoors, speakers ain't that good but still do the job, call quality is excellent & fingerprint sensor works like a charm.

  • Kishan

Ram, 18 Jan 2016i have planned to buy new mobile,i choose apple 5s and samsung a... moreSamsung a8

  • Prince Rahman

I've been using it for like 3 months or so.. i have to say its a pretty sleek and slim model.. everything is fine but the phone heats up easily after using it for some time for gaming or when you use the camera or use skype or snapchat Live... and the battery goes 100% to 30% or less in 1-3 hour(s) or more.. i dont really know what to do now

  • Prince Rahman

AnonD-419982, 19 Jan 2016Does it have notification led And smart remote like galaxy s5?? ?Yes.. it has notification led function...

  • Tarun

Sony xperia c5 ultra is the best Mobile phone

  • Anonymous

Yes at last day has come for me to purchase this A8 Tomor

  • Kriss

Which phone is best, lenovo vibe shot? Or samsung A8? I need your opinion before i buy,,so i wont have any regret..

  • AnonD-419982

Does it have notification led And smart remote like galaxy s5?? ?

  • Skido

AnonD-489658, 17 Jan 2016u should definitely try the Galaxy A8.. u wont regret it .. i swear..Is amazing phone i use note 5 anf sell for this with extra money left and i never regret one bit so sleek slim great display great battery camera is excellent and selfie great i wish there is notification led that is all.

  • kitt

AnonD-257122, 16 Jan 2016Don't go for C5 ultra,I've used it, it really gets hot while usi... moreI don't know about that but one thing's for sure i regret buting a8 because if its poor battery life. Evev turning the fone off. The battery heats up easily. I totally want a refund for this!!!

  • AnonD-314373

AnonD-487223, 17 Jan 2016Plz post its advantages & disadvantages or having any proble... moreWell for me its all in one like in A series only A8 has 16 mp cam like S6 and note 5 shape wise A8 is best Androind version wise a8 best and its also Octacore 32gb builtin memory plus in slot 2 you can use card or sim its slim and very handy it is 5'7 inches but never feels huge for me i never had any disadvantage but only one thing is missing that is Lockscreen more effects and walpaper animation rest of complete device is awesome with awesome battery :)

  • AnonD-314373

shams, 18 Jan 2016Please help me i hide one application i dont know how to unhide ... moreIn A8 there is no hide application Option you Uninstall it or Disable it if you disable then go to setting go to application manager then go to disabled apps there you can enable it