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Samsung Galaxy A8

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  • yogesh

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2015Whats lacking ? Mind to tell me please ? Seems like you never ow... moregaming performance is not upto the mark. many times frame drops while playing asphalt 8 or nova 3 or modern combat 5. and device gets heated after 15-20 min of game play.. as heating starts the soc starts throatling & then you can see more fame drops. you cant play heavy games for more than 20-30 min because of heating & frame drops. i loves to play games thats why i am regretting for buying this a8. also it gets heat up by using 4g internet continuously tested on airtel 4g in mumbai india.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2015Which is better? A8 OR J7? Thanks in advance! I think a8

  • Kashif khan

I m using galaxy A8 for last 1 week and i m quit satisfied with overall performance of this beautiful slim smartphone,it never heat no lagg excellent battery timing i m using exynos A800f in pakistan bought it at price 40300 pakistani rupees

  • tiki

i bought samsung a8 yesterday. i downloaded cpu z to check my phones system. a8 comes with a 5.7inc screen but cpu z says it only has 5.2inc.. is it normal or is there something wrong with my unit? please help. thank you.


I purchased new samsung A8 mobile dated 28/11/15 and I found a defect of clour on display,i immedietly visited samsung service centre(Karuna Management Services) they assured me that your handset will be replaced and they have taken my handset, acceserious with box and original invoice.
by evening they informed me that there is a outside damage so you have to pay charges,but sir when i submited my handset,there was no external damage and service centre received and checked then assured me that it will be replaced within 24 hrs but now they faild to replace

  • AnonD-425089

Device is great but the price is too high.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2015But real time performance lacks Whats lacking ? Mind to tell me please ? Seems like you never own the device or just bashing Samsung or maybe you use too much flagship/expensive/high-power device thats make you say this device is lack in performance. I bet you are rich guy :)

  • Anonymous

aaa, 07 Dec 2015what is the processor use in malaysia snapdragon 615 or exynos?As i know exynos.

  • khan

I bought yesterday A8 i watch utube 10mnts and i found mobile become hot. what is the solution or it is normal. kindly let me know if somebody have same problem before. thanks

  • aaa

what is the processor use in malaysia snapdragon 615 or exynos?

  • Kidkhalifa

The Samsung Gaxlaxy A8 lloks amazing and slick and would give the Iphone a stiff compation and i like it because of the advanced fitures that it offers

  • Mayur

Jesh, 29 Nov 2015Why my A8 hang after i exit used facebook ? Anyone know about th... moreSame for my i suggest format your phone and only download apps from playstore and regular update software

  • AnonD-260677

seen tht 2016 a8 would be exynos 7420 with 1.8ghz octa.....
but 2gb of ram. hope tht it would be much better refined gaming performance for all time usage.

  • Anonymous

Sam, 06 Dec 2015Excellent look, fabulous body and slimmest ever.But real time performance lacks

  • Sam

Excellent look, fabulous body and slimmest ever.

  • tim

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2015Which is better A8 or Note 4? Tell me pls! when we talk about value for money its A8 but when we talk about specs its note 4

  • Mexx

Small Dragon, 03 Dec 2015I bough it 4 days ago. When listen music by earphone, if i keep ... moreYea, I'm also experiencing same problem. I've been planning on going to the Samsung Customer care but I haven't had the time

  • AnonD-183089

Shakir, 04 Dec 2015Should I buy this or wait for A7 (2016)??? Please help me. Is th... moreWait for A7 2016 coz it has better battery and speakers moved to bottom beside the charging port

  • Anonymous

Galaxy A8, A5 or J7?

  • Anonymous

Which is better? A8 OR J7? Thanks in advance!