Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung Galaxy A8

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  • cha

Joxa, 13 Sep 2015Finally my dream phone is here..TeamGalaxyA8 very good phone

  • khaled

luis, 18 Sep 2015Awesome phone made by samsung i ever seen .....its camera o... moreis it snapdragon or exynos version ???

  • luis

Awesome phone made by samsung i ever seen .....its camera outstanding and selfie superb .....battery is long lasting....

  • nashid

awzem good good in avery samsung phones


All the users of this fone is requested to plz tell me from your using experience that what is the quality of the sound of this fone.Is loud or low noise while speaking,hearing the calls,handsfree and while listening music?I am waiting reply from your side.thanks.

  • sunny

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2015What color of the A8 should I get?Black looks sexy

  • Mohsin

Gorilla Glass 4 ... is it confirmed ????

  • Sush

Its hybrid slot #tcool

  • Azzu

nyc phone a8 but it's has been excellent if samsung gives it fast charging...

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2015Not really, the snapdragon 400 in SGA5 is very nice. Can ho... moreWow 7 hours of COC, you wasted most of your time playing instead of working or studying. What the heck!

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2015hahahahhahahaa, funny, they have 2 slots for sim and 1 slot... moreVery funny! Did you read the specs? It clearly states that microSD, up to 128 GB uses SIM 2 slot. Now who looks funny? LOL!

  • James

My 2 years old Mega 6.3 is better than this one. And much louder speaker. Wait for A9 ...

  • drugking

sunny, 15 Sep 2015The most decent phone nowadays is samsung galaxy note 4. It... moreNote edge is better

  • AnonD-441625

Yes is true sim card no.2 fillable memory card

  • Anonymous

Raja, 15 Sep 2015******Processor should be increase to Octa********otherwise... moreIt is octa core, it has double quad cores like s6, quad + quad = octa

  • Anonymous

AnonD-276592, 16 Sep 2015Snapdragon has poor battery life.Not really, the snapdragon 400 in SGA5 is very nice. Can hold up the phone till 2 days for middle usage (with internet), 7 hrs of Clash of Clans, and 4 days of standby.
I don't know about snapdragon 600 tho
The battery eater is snapdragon 810, however the 808 is not

  • Anonymous

Tcool, 16 Sep 2015Hello, that is true. You can use the SD card slot to put SIM2.hahahahhahahaa, funny, they have 2 slots for sim and 1 slot for sd ahahhahaah

  • Anonymous

What color of the A8 should I get?

  • Renz

Guys..any just thinking on this samsung a8..which color are better??White or gold??thanks for response .

  • Vasu

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2015Are there any A8 users out here? I need to know about the p... moreSamsung a8 is good camera but heating is there has to been . Wait for price down.