Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung Galaxy A8

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  • Samsung Geek

Hi I have this phone almost a month now and the battery is really good its takes me full 24 hours before i charge my phone and I'm a heavy user. The camera is good specially in taking selfies. Multitasking is super i can browse facebook while watching youtube and playing games "Heroes Charge" .. I will give it 9 out of 10 .. The only thing that I dont like regrding this phone is no Case, flip cover or any S View cover available at the market as of today.

  • Ansarj

sunny, 18 Sep 2015Black looks sexyFeathres

  • AnonD-291182

luis, 18 Sep 2015Awesome phone made by samsung i ever seen .....its camera outsta... moreno surprises camera is from SONY

  • WEW

too overprice for a midranger which is quite normal at samsungs lineup i would still prefer one plus or other highend with the same or a bit higher price than this.

  • Kalenga

Does it has infrared?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-442346, 19 Sep 2015It is an IRON BOX. Generating lot of heat. No battery life. I do... morePls don't give bad cmnt witout using it

  • bcj

I am a samsung fan cos of the the many fan I have with my s4. But one thing really bore me about samsung and I just wish they would listen. It appears apple always pave the way for them when it comes to innovations and sometimes they just follow even when some of them are unnecessary. E.g. Samsung was manufacturing devices for micro sims when iPhones were already manufacturing for nano sims, removable vs. sealed batteries . But for some unexcused reasons they have also followed same. Dynamics is good in tech but for this its totally unnecessary. most audience/customers want complexity, flexibility and simplicity and samsung was doing just that. But in recent times they are also repeating the footsteps of apple and this might sway their customers to other rival android devices.

  • abhi..

really an awesome mobile phone.......
its camera....... just amazing....
i love this gadget. ....

  • AnonD-442346

It is an IRON BOX. Generating lot of heat. No battery life. I don't use it for play games, and no idiotic apps in my mobile. Still the battery is draining like anything and it generates lot of heat. It is very annoying that a brand like Samsung has released a phone which is not even better than a NAAPTOL mobile.

  • cha

Joxa, 13 Sep 2015Finally my dream phone is here..TeamGalaxyA8 very good phone

  • khaled

luis, 18 Sep 2015Awesome phone made by samsung i ever seen .....its camera outsta... moreis it snapdragon or exynos version ???

  • luis

Awesome phone made by samsung i ever seen .....its camera outstanding and selfie superb .....battery is long lasting....

  • nashid

awzem good good in avery samsung phones


All the users of this fone is requested to plz tell me from your using experience that what is the quality of the sound of this fone.Is loud or low noise while speaking,hearing the calls,handsfree and while listening music?I am waiting reply from your side.thanks.

  • sunny

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2015What color of the A8 should I get?Black looks sexy

  • Mohsin

Gorilla Glass 4 ... is it confirmed ????

  • Sush

Its hybrid slot #tcool

  • Azzu

nyc phone a8 but it's has been excellent if samsung gives it fast charging...

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2015Not really, the snapdragon 400 in SGA5 is very nice. Can hold up... moreWow 7 hours of COC, you wasted most of your time playing instead of working or studying. What the heck!

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2015hahahahhahahaa, funny, they have 2 slots for sim and 1 slot for ... moreVery funny! Did you read the specs? It clearly states that microSD, up to 128 GB uses SIM 2 slot. Now who looks funny? LOL!