Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)

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  • hassiox


  • Anonymous

Oppo R7Plus is a best phone.Good performance in every way. Best battery backup.A99 have 4000 major battery but will not have battery backup.that is Samsung

  • test

Lead2XL, 02 Jan 2016Compare to Huawei Ascend Mate 7: the A9 is too long, simila... morewhat 200 grams difference are you talking about?

  • AnonD-465954

No gorilla glass

  • AnonD-142922

this has less to offer than a8..
lower camera no ac wifi mali mp6 is better than some andreno

  • hoda

a9 : otg? ok? no?

  • Anonymous

the tech nerd, 02 Jan 2016I don't know why people even buy oppo phone, go for Huawei ... morewe wont because we are wise.. we go with sony

AnonD-482940, 01 Jan 2016I were you... i will buy this one. .I don't know why people even buy oppo phone, go for Huawei mate 8 instead if possible and if you can't, go for galaxy a9 undoubtedly

  • AnonD-451592

PhoneGuy, 01 Jan 2016There are some perks for this over the S6, but really it's ... moreThis phone is a midranger,is not a flagship or a newer version of s6

Compare to Huawei Ascend Mate 7: the A9 is too long, similar width, but too heavy. A9 is 161.7 mm long vs 157 for the Mate 7, the A9 weighs 200 grams vs Mate 7 at 185 grams. For me, anything over 185 grams is too heavy. When you go to a 6 inch display, it is just manageable if the body is compact in size and weight, not an easy thing to achieve with a large battery. As far as I know, the Mate 7 is the most compact 6 incher around. The Mate 8 has the same dimensions. The A9 looks like it has a mid-range processor but a lower price.


It means you don't need to buy LG2 anymore,;) samsung is the most technological brand in the world! What about i-phone its completely different story and its same as mars and saturn...different planets of mobile phone! Two greatest mobile brands Samsung and Apple...but they completely different from each other


Looks like lg wallpaper

  • shareef

i hope it will give better battery backup

  • AnonD-482013

Chen, 29 Dec 2015Get the Note 4. The Removable battery lasts really long!yeah i leaning towards the note 4 for sure.......saw the specs for the s7 and unfortunately it following the non removable battery trend smh

  • Anonymous

Loud speaker is located at the bottom,will it be loud enough to play movies/gaming etc...same designed as LG G2.

How many watt will that be,no mention on the spec.

  • Ja

Tomal, 31 Dec 2015Questionable: 1. No Front LED 2. Less PPI 3. No IR 4. N... moreDoes the exhorbitantly priced iphones have stereo speakers?

  • Alif iqbal

In the same price range,Huawei ascend mate 8 is more better.

Finally the big dog has arrived yes I cannot wait to purchase it from never-msrp on ebay. My giney is pulsating. Waiting for these guys to put it thru their test. I wonder if it'll beat the ascend mate 2 4G

  • Ramsam

Why does it have to be so big?
A rather have a smaller phone, like the Samsung galaxy a3 2016.

  • PhoneGuy

There are some perks for this over the S6, but really it's kind of a step backwards... 1080p screen and back to 13MP 1080p camera? No increase in RAM either. The SD card slot is a welcome return but ultimately I question why so many drops in specs.