Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

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  • Imran

Ricks, 28 May 2012It will get ICS ................Ya it hinted that it wl get ics bt it's useles to ve coz HTC 1 Samsung s3 they dnt have ne physical buttons and that 4r wt ics made 4r . But a very gud cel wth dual core fantastic gpu and high ram which is gud if it wl update to ics

  • priza

Haris Jebaraj, 30 May 2012Does this support flash ??No it dnt support flash bt overall a very promising phone seems to me

  • AnonD-56121

AnonD-53995, 29 May 2012Most people dont even use video calling that is a waste of ... more"Most people dont even use video calling". How do you know this fact? How can a front cam be for noobs (noobiest statement I've ever seen)? The front cam on the Ace 2 is and advantage not a disadvantage. Ive used it to video call my brother who lives away using skype (about an hours call) and the battery drain was surprisingly quite low.

  • Ranju

ivanrvf, 28 May 2012Dude if your a computer engineer then its a shame that you ... moreIf you tell me the difference of these phones processors. Sony xperia s 1.5 dual core Snapdragon processor, Nokia lumia 800 1.4 single core Snapdragon processor and HTC one x 1.5 quad core tegra 3 processor. which is fast?

  • Haris Jebaraj

Does this support flash ??

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me what is the audio quality like? Is it loud or quiet, up to galaxy s quality or nokia 5800 standard?
Thsks in advance,

  • AnonD-53995

AnonD-55965, 29 May 2012No Front Camera Means No Video CallsMost people dont even use video calling that is a waste of battery life.. My laptop is a perfect device for video calls. Front cams are perfect for girls so they can see if their hair is good and for putting makeup on their pretty face :)

If you are a girl.. get the Ace 2, if you are a man get the Sola!

  • AnonD-55965

AnonD-53995, 28 May 2012No, who cares? front camera is for noobs. Its all about des... moreNo Front Camera Means No Video Calls

  • jug

No one will buy this phone until samsung confirmed the ics update

  • woolvi

is it available in India..??? do reply asap

  • AnonD-56684

ICS update is still a haven't said anything the update so it's not would be a shame if it doesn't see ICS.

  • M_girl

Does it have gorilla glass? Will it be available in other colours?

  • Anonymous

ivanrvf, 28 May 2012Dude if your a computer engineer then its a shame that you ... moreI think you get it wrong, galaxy ace and galaxy ace 2 is so different, ace is using overclock processor arm6, and galaxy ace 2 is the third generation processor after that, you can compare it like pentium vs core 2 duo, with the same speed of processing you get more calculation power, and more efficient

for gaming you need at least 1ghz for display as big as 800x480, and sola will beat ace 2, no doubt

  • AnonD-29513

i think this phone is perfect. but i don't like this design. not like before. i just using Galaxy Ace S5830. it perfect design.

  • AnonD-53995

sabby, 27 May 2012have front camera ? for video calling.As Ace 2 have front c... moreNo, who cares? front camera is for noobs. Its all about design and power not front cams

  • AnonD-56617

Is this gonna be avaiable in Croatia...because if it is iam definitly gonna buy this...I think this device is realy great for an midrange smartphone!

  • BoooM

Does ACE 2 have continuous autofocus when recording video ?
How is speaker, loud enough ? Thx

  • Anonymous

AnonD-53995, 27 May 2012Get the Xperia Sola guys, much better! and good looking, mo... moreSony is best, bt for mid range it s nt tht much of good. It s my personal experience. Go any model for Sony more thn 20k its good.

  • AnonD-56005

Anonymous, 28 May 2012Ace 2 has 0.1 inch bigger screen and bigger battery but Sol... moreThe Ace 2 uses the same SoC (NovaThor U8500) like the one inside sola. It houses two Cortex A9 cores and a MALI 400 GPU. The only difference is that the cores are clocked at a lower rate in the Ace 2 than the sola.

The Ace 2 should also get an ICS update, hinted by a demo video. Also, the Ace 2 would be more stable with ICS than the sola because it has a larger RAM. ICS eats a lot more RAM than Gingerbread.