Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

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  • Neji

Can anyone please tell me which model of
galaxy ace has 5 MP camera and Android OS 4 ICS???

  • Faisali323

buntz, 25 May 2012Guyz I m new for this type of android phones...... Thats wh... moreThat are the versions of Android OS
4.0=ICS ie Ice Cream Sandwitch

  • Ricks

Anonymous, 28 May 2012Ace 2 has 0.1 inch bigger screen and bigger battery but Sol... moreIt will get ICS ................

  • Ricks

AnonD-53995, 27 May 2012Get the Xperia Sola guys, much better! and good looking, mo... moreXperia Sola hv Embedded Battery u cant remove it....if its battery fails....then u can use it to through on dogs....

  • Anonymous

Is this phone will be releasew in Philippines?

  • myi

This is my dream phone and I don't care about a bad thing's that people's say, I will buy the phone soon when it arrive in my country.

  • ivanrvf

jm2k7, 25 May 2012why not bring the bands 850/1900 for Latin America would be... moreDude if your a computer engineer then its a shame that you don't know what exactly is dual core.
Dual core means single CPU with 2 cores and if it was a core 2 duo then it would have been much better because core duo means 2 CPUs with single core.
Dual core 1ghz doesn't make much of a difference. Even a single core 1ghz is equal to it. And as for ace2 it won't give u any huge difference in performance than galaxy ace. And there is 1 more thing to keep in mind I can't tell u here because its too small. contact me for that details. It's worth hearing that detail too. Samsung have been mindless to provide a phone with 800mhz dual core. It's nothing.. obviously 400 Mali is a plus point but not the processor. 1ghz single core will give u a better performance. Have a gr8 day..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-56005, 27 May 2012Actually, now I can say that the One V would no longer be d... moreAce 2 has 0.1 inch bigger screen and bigger battery but Sola has the newer chipsets (Cortex A-9) 1Ghz dual-core wich is very power efficient, also Sola has the better display and screen resolution powerd by bravia engine and will get ICS in june while Ace 2 wont get ICS!

  • sabby

AnonD-53995, 27 May 2012Get the Xperia Sola guys, much better! and good looking, mo... morehave front camera ? for video calling.As Ace 2 have front camera.So did sola have front camera ?

  • AnonD-53995

Get the Xperia Sola guys, much better! and good looking, more power, better screen

  • User

Can I use video-calls on Skype with this operative system?

  • AnonD-56005

Robrt, 27 May 2012Thanks, but from the fact that the release date was schedul... moreActually, now I can say that the One V would no longer be directly competing with the Ace 2. The specs of it make it a year too late, except for ICS. But I disagree with your take on sola. Both phones are mid-range phones, probably borderline but both mid-rangers nonetheless. If you try to compare sola and Ace 2, they have almost the same specs. What makes these phones even is that Ace 2 trumps sola by having a larger screen and battery capacity, while sola has a faster processor (though I am not saying that it directly translates to a better performance than the Ace 2). Furthermore, both phones almost cost the same.

And yes, it is best to wait after a few months. This could also ensure any defects on the first set of phones initially released to be fixed, if there are.

  • Robrt

AnonD-56005, 26 May 2012Launch prices are usually higher than what the phones, cons... moreThanks, but from the fact that the release date was scheduled around April, I thought that Ace2 was being used to compete with neo V. Yes I know that I am whining here, but you have to admit that Ace2 is somewhat similar to neoV, albeit with a more powerful processor which I why I hoped that it would have been priced similarly. I am saying that Ace2 competing with Sola is not very logical, since Sola is definitely not a mid-range phone(at least in price - near 500USD). I feel that they are just using this as a reason to bring up the price of Ace2. Well I'll just have to wait a few months...

  • ahmedkom

Chris, 23 May 2012Just got my Galaxy Ace 2 today in the UK. A few questions o... morecan you pleas write some benchmark results(quadrant ,nenamark, antutu) ?

  • AnonD-9242

Anonymous, 26 May 2012In most cases 800 Mhz dual core is better than 1 Ghz single core.there is no difference when the phone is single core or dual core when you play game, the most important thing is the gpu, for gaming, better get the higher clock single core and good gpu, like galaxy w. but the good thing about the new galaxy ace 2 and xperia sola that has similar spec is, it already use the Processor cortex A9 dual core that made with 45nm, and use mali400, it will boast efficiency in battery, and for game you get the good all around gadget, not the best and not the worst. but for all days application with phone there will be no difference. just thinking the new one will support more features, that's way I'm thinking to get xperia sola (i'm using se live with walkman)

  • Anonymous

Samsung has a poor interphase xcpt s2 and s3 nd note. The transitions are boring and does not feel premium. the material quality and design is also not very good. Samsung focuses on high end devices and lower ones are made with poor presition. but HTC and sony and motorola makes more premium quality phones with better interphase animations etc. Samsung is stil growing and learning company. they should make even better phones to stay tough in market because the nokia reliability is still a far goal for samsung.

  • asba

Hi friends I want to know from u that Is Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 launched in Delhi? If yes I want to know about the price of the phn.. Because I have to buy the phn in 2 or 3 days...plz reply me fast :)

  • Smith

GSMARENA, you are wrong,
this one got TOUCHWIZ 4.0.

  • BinKo

Best phone for the price

Here in Thailand Ace Plus is 8900 bahts (230€) and Ace 2 only 9900 bahts(250 €), same as Xperia U.

Anyway i don't think i will get it, because i want autofocus when video recording. GSII maybe, if price goes down...

  • abbath1981

it,s probably like if 2x800mhz working together will put out far more proccesing power than a 1ghz single core see iphone 4 & 4s and it will be close to a single 1.5ghz think about rx8 1300cc x2 has the same hp with a car at 2800cc! The "dual" doesn't affect the clock speed but the combined power..