Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

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  • AnonD-46151

It's official now it will be priced between 18k to 20k in India.check out the link below:­ice-in-india/

  • Anonymous

anjankumar, 11 Mar 2012waste browser without flash player..............i think this phone supports adobe flash player 10.3,because this phone has Andreo 205 gpu which supports adobe

  • AnonD-39273

EMC, 12 Mar 2012If the price is above 15K, I would say better go for other phone... moreDude you are seriously a funny Guy. Even the difference between galaxy s2 and galaxy y are processor, memory and screen only. So as per your opinion, everyone should go for the galaxy y instead of s2.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2012Can any one tell me that when can i get the phone available in Indiaidk m8, thx 4 wastin my time 4 typin this message up c:

  • 44Vj44

can anyone tell me about the battery back up and diadvantages of this phone ...... bcoz am goin to buy this phone soon ......plz guys....

  • Gautam

Superbbb phone....

  • EMC

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2012I seriously dont think it will be any less than 20-22k in India.... moreIf the price is above 15K, I would say better go for other phone. This is not work more than 15K. We get similar config on Samsung Y for 7K. Just Processor, Memory and screen differs.

  • anjankumar

waste browser without flash player..............

  • dr Morshed...SSMC


  • Anonymous

Can any one tell me that when can i get the phone available in India

  • gingerbread22

Is this phone going to support Adobe Flash Player?

  • vinod

i expect its cost in india 18k not 16k, arround bcoz 16 k ace plus.

  • sunny

what is the use of GPU????

  • A

prise plz ?
i take this phone becose i got first income yesterday

  • haris burmi

nice phone

  • Shawn

I want to buy Galexy Ace 2 but can anyone tell me when it would be launched in India???
i m in delhi but everbdy is saying dt it would be come in d market in the month of April....

  • michael jordan

i Love this "B" "S" phone promise

  • Ahmed

dual 800MHz not mean 1600Mhz single core on same architecture,
cuz multiple cores must supported from OS and Application ..
so why eight core i7 3GHz performance not equal 2x3Ghz i7-quad core ?!

  • cayton

so does this phone has a GPU or not?

  • Maddy

It doesn't contain a GPU so its purely a internet worms mobile.It will cost around 15k in india.