Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

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  • Maddy

It doesn't contain a GPU so its purely a internet worms mobile.It will cost around 15k in india.

  • AnonD-44265

yes. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be available for this device because it has Adreno 205 GPU. which also supports full adobe flash. But the price may higher than galaxy w.

  • Anonymous

does this phne support skype video call?

  • aSaAd

think of it this way.. 800 dual is 1.6 Ghz single =)

  • Moony

Does this mobile support adobe flash player and any chance of upgrading it to ICS..? Guess a dual core 800 MHz processor can be upgraded to ICS..??

  • Anonymous

I seriously dont think it will be any less than 20-22k in India.
Dual core plus a good display.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy Ace2 Duos ?

  • XaErO

xyz, 08 Mar 2012guyz...wat z d difference between a 800 MHz processor and a dual... more800 MHz (Older version of Ace) - this was a single core processor meaning only 1 core present in the processor.

Dual core 800 MHz (Ace 2) - this has two cores in its processor; and this means a lot more speed that the single core processors even if they are working at the same frequency (in this case it is 800 MHz). Dual core processor means; almost 1.5 - 1.7 times faster than the single core processors.

I hope this clarifies your query.

  • Anonymous

I need these specs in Samsung galaxy QWERTY verison so i can switch to BlackBerry

  • Anonymous

how much is this \\

  • blitzkreig

yes dis has a front camera and it ll be available at 14k coz it is running on 800MHz....but still it does nt lacks in the performance

  • xyz

guyz...wat z d difference between a 800 MHz processor and a dual core 800 MHz processor???? Plz ans asap...tnx

  • Anonymous

does somebody know the SAR?

  • john

Does this phone have a front cam.

  • Stamas

It is true dual core and 800MHz CPU inside.
This is good news and the battery is 1500mAh.

  • AnonD-6094, 06 Mar 2012Nd its cnfrmd that the phone will cost $270...yah cheers gyzz..... moreI dnt think that this phone will be available at just 270$ which means around 14000

  • sarthak2811

AnonD-3234, 04 Mar 2012I think it'll not get ICS 4.0 because the specs itself so confus... moreheyy guy its a dual core only if u want u can confirm it from samsung official website...gsm arena doesnt provide fake info...

  • AnonD-43558

better so far than galaxy ace

  • AnonD-40600, 06 Mar 2012Nd its cnfrmd that the phone will cost $270...yah cheers gyzz..... moreFrom where u get the information???

  • jatin

please luonch this cell phone i will purchase it immidiately i am await long time.