Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

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  • Anonymous

It's a phone!

  • imtiaz

why there is no GSM connection?

  • sonia

wow its an amazing device

  • iSJ5

AnonD-58797, 02 Sep 2012This 'thing'is a waste of money basically a digital camera runni... moredo you want use your camera into your ear? people will tell you "you are so STUPID" thats! but ciriously samsung can do this! samsung make this not for only camera, but make it internet and upload photos! and also made for not to bored you! if you want go to npv808! make it sense!

  • AnonD-51996

AnonD-53946, 02 Sep 2012does the pureview have 21X optical zoom? and symbian nothing but... morePV doesn't have 21x optical zoom, but why do you need ore than 4x lossless zoom in a compact camera??? Do you use you digicam as a teleschope or what??? If someone wants a camera with super zoom capabilities, then DSLRs are the only choice. If you zoom 21x the photos won't have a great quality cause the amount of light that reaches the sensor decreseas while zooming and with such a tiny sensor don't expect great results...
About Symbian, it outperforms android in the multimedia departement and that's what matters in a camera, so in any point of view this device can't compete with Nokia PV...

  • AnonD-69589

this is 3g and 4g phone not just camera

  • jk2096

galaxy camera better than nokia 808 pure because its spec Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 or chipset Exynos 4412 Quad or 1gb ram and better jelly bean os...and nokia 808 pure spec CPU 1.3 GHz ARM 11 or GPU Broadcom BCM2763 or 512 mb ram and ios nokia belle.galaxy camera won...

  • xolv

Are you sure it's not copied from Apple? Quick, take it out of the market before it infringes some Apple patents!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2012Is this better than Nokia 808 PUREVIEW 41MP ?nokia has 41 mp camera so nokia has better camera !

  • Anonymous

It is a Phone, or just a camera??

  • dave

mukesh, 31 Aug 2012i want to purchase this phone but i don't no what is the price o... moreits not a phone its the first SMART CAMERA of the earth

  • Anima

Device with no support for GSM voice communication.///????

Den it will gives only the best camera option..

  • AnonD-58797

This 'thing'is a waste of money basically a digital camera running android, wat a waste not a phone nor a tablet..... if u want a solid camera 'phone there's nothing better then the 808 pureview

  • AnonD-53946

Banda, 30 Aug 2012Looks more like a Android running Camera rather than a mobile ph... moreIt's not a phone. It's a camera. Can't you guys read the specifications before commenting?

  • AnonD-53946

AnonD-816, 01 Sep 2012no support for call/sms.. so sad..How can you expect a digital camera to make calls/sms?


HAHAHAHAHA what a piece....

only 1650MAH battery for 16MP plus Xenon flash plus android quad core?

its funny....... the standby time will be very very very much less......

  • AnonD-53946

Noel Carson, 01 Sep 2012Wow.. A great innovation! But i will be scared to keep the phone... moreIt's not a phone, it's a digital camera.

  • AnonD-53946

Jason, 02 Sep 2012Totally agree with you! Plus Nokia PV is using Carl Zeiss lens ... moredoes the pureview have 21X optical zoom? and symbian nothing but a dead os. and remember that this is not a mobile phone. It's a android powered camera.

unbelievable phone but i don't think someone will need it or can carry it every day. and the price will be well over 800 euro

  • Anonymous

are u crazy its written very clear that on 4q of ths year to be on market read wisely ok. lol peace. .