Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

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  • kaji

BUT HOW!!!!!!
how samsung make this divice without gsm support???
4.8 inches, 16 MP, 21x optical zoom, Android OS, v4.1, Quad-core 1.4 GHz??? if only this galaxy camera has gsm would be PERFECT!! better than S3 or note2....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-38033, 30 Aug 2012better to buy dslr..or pureView PureView's everything okay expect ugly 640x360 pixel on 4" display meaning 184ppi density yuck nokia why no hd display :-|

  • Anonymous

No GSM support simply means... It supports CDMA. So we can surely use it as phone for making calls, sms, etc...

  • vinay

battery just 1650 mAh? I think it could well be a problem compared to the batteries of the other companies' point and shoot cameras specially considering that the OS is android which is famous for consuming more battery (Dont know if its actually the truth.)

  • JobApp

I think Samsung should have voice communication on this Camera then it will be one of its kind, just like Galaxy Note when it first came out. This is just a point to shot camera then there are so many chooses out in the market and this one would not be my first choice.

  • horizon

Incase you guys missed the 100 comments stating its not a phone, here it is again ITS NOT A PHONE its a new type of camera! so its not trying to compete with the PureView its just a new product that samsung are bringing to the world. Just like how sumsung gave us the galaxy note no one thought it would be practical but it is one of the best selling samsung devices.


  • AnonD-59342

it has S voice, not mentioned here

  • AnonD-5502

pure view willbe better,,,,,


it's not a phone and not just camera it have quad core so you can do what you want this device made for those how don't like the smart phones and use a normal phones so you can check whatever you want from this device and i'm gonna buy it for sure

  • AnonD-55045

Ra1, 30 Aug 2012yes why the sim slot ablable here...You know, there's this thing they call 'internet'. I heard it can be provided through 3G/4G signal. Maybe and just maybe that's why the SIM card is there.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2012hahahahahaha what an ugly failJealous

  • nexus

why samsung didn't use the same screen on galaxy s3 and galaxy note 2! at least it's RGB matrix not pentile?

  • Anonymous

hahahahahaha what an ugly fail

  • Sajid@61085

Device with no support for GSM voice communication..??
i dont think its a phone.

  • Ra1

Mobilemaster, 30 Aug 2012Of course it doesn't do calls, if it's a camera! It's sad they n... moreyes why the sim slot ablable here...

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2012It doesnt do calls! This is a failure! Tsk tsk tsk!Of course it doesn't do calls, if it's a camera! It's sad they not made this a camera phone.

  • Anonymous

It doesnt do calls! This is a failure! Tsk tsk tsk!

Future, 30 Aug 2012this is the future!!! Big example and milestone in the cellphon... moreThis is not a phone.

  • AnonD-69047

whats the price expected ?

  • Anonymous

Add gsm feature + bigger battery and i will buy it xD