Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

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  • danz808

no xenon flash..
trash camera ever...hhaaa

  • Anonymous

AnonD-69225, 31 Aug 2012OFC notBut it would be... Given that fact it has an optical zoom vs a digital zoom... Regardless of MP that fact alone beats the Nokia 808 Pureview

  • Eric

no 2G??? why samsung whyyyy......???

  • AnonD-69225

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2012Is this better than Nokia 808 PUREVIEW 41MP ?OFC not

  • Anonymous

Is this better than Nokia 808 PUREVIEW 41MP ?

  • mukesh

i want to purchase this phone but i don't no what is the price of this

  • Anonymous

you can use skype
and also whatsapp or heywire

  • Smart man

This is only (camera),very (smart camera)!.
Good job,Samsung!. ;)

  • damo

very nice....

  • alfred

Its not a mobile. it is a camera with mobile feature

  • Twirlybob

Xalies, 31 Aug 2012No GSM sucks.... but theres always VoIP through 3GBut that would look plain stupid if people would see you talking through a camera. :D

  • Anonymous

this sucks. .
808 pureview is far better than this.

  • Xalies

No GSM sucks.... but theres always VoIP through 3G

  • Abhilash

Simply Super
It is not mobile
It is more than that
It is so sexy

  • iSJ5

g, 30 Aug 2012people will think your insane if you use this in calling. imagin... more100% right!

  • AnonD-69178

I m worried abt pricing ! even sony offers a similr camera
Sony's DSC-HX9V
But i guess Android Power is much better than Sony, i want to know the comparative stats to another camera than a phone. I need quality !

  • kanda666

great innovation samsung. carefull the top one will not be higher continuously. keep making good gadget

  • kaji

BUT HOW!!!!!!
how samsung make this divice without gsm support???
4.8 inches, 16 MP, 21x optical zoom, Android OS, v4.1, Quad-core 1.4 GHz??? if only this galaxy camera has gsm would be PERFECT!! better than S3 or note2....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-38033, 30 Aug 2012better to buy dslr..or pureView PureView's everything okay expect ugly 640x360 pixel on 4" display meaning 184ppi density yuck nokia why no hd display :-|

  • Anonymous

No GSM support simply means... It supports CDMA. So we can surely use it as phone for making calls, sms, etc...