Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100

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  • goron

Device with no support for GSM voice communication. so dont call this a phone. this is a digital camera with android OS. which one better pureview or this? well it depend on what you are looking, a phone with outdated OS and little apps but with a great camera or a digital camera with the ability of a mini tablet or pmp, i will choose nokia 920 it has pureview camera grade plus winphone 8, a win win solution :D

  • AnonD-69271

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2012Is this better than Nokia 808 PUREVIEW 41MP ?excuse me sir,
nokia 808 pureview is uncompareable with samsug galaxy camera.
pureview has only camer,
but galaxy has all bet specs..
pureview dnt have any focusing lens.

moreover jellybean, not useles old symbian...
here is android,
leading in os market.

  • TheStrider

so, we can't use it to call somebody..?? that's suck....

But it kinda looks good though, when it comes out, i'll probably gonna buy it XD

  • AnonD-51996

Samsung fanboys are very strange... When Nokia 808 PV came out they were saying that it has a great camera but lacks some smartphone capabilities and is big and heavy and now they say that this is a great device even thought it has twice the weight and size of PV and doesn't come close to it in camera specs... I still don't understand why should a camera have a quad core and android when you still have to carry a smartphone with you...

  • danz808

no xenon flash..
trash camera ever...hhaaa

  • Anonymous

AnonD-69225, 31 Aug 2012OFC notBut it would be... Given that fact it has an optical zoom vs a digital zoom... Regardless of MP that fact alone beats the Nokia 808 Pureview

  • Eric

no 2G??? why samsung whyyyy......???

  • AnonD-69225

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2012Is this better than Nokia 808 PUREVIEW 41MP ?OFC not

  • Anonymous

Is this better than Nokia 808 PUREVIEW 41MP ?

  • mukesh

i want to purchase this phone but i don't no what is the price of this

  • Anonymous

you can use skype
and also whatsapp or heywire

  • Smart man

This is only (camera),very (smart camera)!.
Good job,Samsung!. ;)

  • damo

very nice....

  • alfred

Its not a mobile. it is a camera with mobile feature

  • Twirlybob

Xalies, 31 Aug 2012No GSM sucks.... but theres always VoIP through 3GBut that would look plain stupid if people would see you talking through a camera. :D

  • Anonymous

this sucks. .
808 pureview is far better than this.

  • Xalies

No GSM sucks.... but theres always VoIP through 3G

  • Abhilash

Simply Super
It is not mobile
It is more than that
It is so sexy

  • iSJ5

g, 30 Aug 2012people will think your insane if you use this in calling. imagin... more100% right!

  • AnonD-69178

I m worried abt pricing ! even sony offers a similr camera
Sony's DSC-HX9V
But i guess Android Power is much better than Sony, i want to know the comparative stats to another camera than a phone. I need quality !