Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

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  • adi

ryan, 22 Oct 2013it's availabel for bbm?yes, with manual instalation

  • vuyani

Hi there can someone help me, I cant make any call from my phone. it shows me emergency calls only this frustrate me .

  • ryan

it's availabel for bbm?

  • strike

please help how do I fix my phone whenever I put it on it keeps on restarting itself even if I reset it.

  • MRA6969

Is it available only in white? I saw an ad on this site selling it in black. On

  • Jonnyboy

jess, 15 Oct 2013Hi there, just bought this phone recently. Can someone pls te... moreGo to settings. Than to data usage. Look at what is using your data and tap on it. Tick the use only when wifi is avalible. it will help you allot.

  • santosh

Galaxy chat is a good phone as it services the purpose and its sophisticated looks makes you feel good

though in reality being an application phone its slow .
frustrates if you have to quickly dial ,i mean u have to navigate a lot to make calls fist click phone icon ,its opens say after 3 sec, then go to contact, its takes 5 sec.. toopen it then make call it takes 2 sec ..
In sunlight screen stuff is not visible ..i mean its a struggle to use it ,but then thats not phone but i think Android OS which very complicated to understand @functionality, if i compare it with my old Nokia N72 series ,that phone was more uncomplicated ..

  • Siphiwe

jess, 15 Oct 2013Hi there, just bought this phone recently. Can someone pls te... moreMake sure that the background data is turned off, which could make your battery run longer. Only open it when you want to download some apps from the Play Store. Remember, when the data connection is on some apps might update themselves without your permission thus "eating" away your airtime.

  • Anonymous

Reynald, 16 Oct 2013is that realy 4 Giga memo. RAM?yes because im using this phone
totally awesome

  • Reynald

is that realy 4 Giga memo. RAM?

  • jess

Hi there, just bought this phone recently.

Can someone pls tell me how to set my network settings. As I just load airtime and 123 its finish.

Pls help.


  • Honeyrock

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2013love it love u 2

  • Virat

I am using this phone from last 1.5 years. This phone is really great those who love Keypad. Blackberry users most like this.

Apart from Speed and memory concern is really good. If you are looking phone for under 9000. this would be best option for you.

  • Anonymous

love it

  • Anonymous

it is the best phone

  • Slwane

I am buying this phone on December. Thanks to SAMSUNG for making different GALAXY models for different classes. I may have problems but I am sure to enjoy Android software and WiFi. Whether BIS is available for this model or not, I am buying it. I am tired of N*K*A

  • AnonD-195316

Cute phone, but resolution is really poor (133ppi its almost unusable..) 256K colors isn't anything amaizing either.. when i compare to my advance amoled screen it just make me cry.
On the other hand, ICS run smoothly. Wish it had at least 16M colors and over 180ppi..
Why no one makes medium budget android qwerty phones??

  • AnonD-145436

can the model be downgraded to gingerbread 2.3.6

  • AnonD-145436

denish, 10 Oct 2013thans but why i can't play subwau from fleshtansfer recivesjust download the game u what from 4shared or some other place and install manually

  • Anonymous

why cant i play candy crush i cant download it