Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

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  • stinger

i have LG Optimus L3 (800mhz) and Huawei X3 (600mhz). Galchat is better for typing in a forum & chatting. but L3 and X3 is better for gaming (GPU adreno 200).
with 850mhz it runs ICS faster than sony tipo (800mhz). although tipo has adreno 200, i'm not sure it could run game faster than L3, or even X3 (600mhz gingerbread). i bought this just for my secondary phone, so i dont really care about camera and gpu. i have another phone with adreno 205 for gaming. if you are looking primary phone with low budget to do many things (game, chat, camera), i would recommend Motorola Fire XT530 (800mhz GB, larger screen, adreno 200, 1540mAh battery, and has front camera).

  • 3os

I need to know more about its battery as i am having nw htc chacha and the main reason for changing it is the low performance battery ..

  • yash

peter, 30 Sep 2012You are wrong. Accelerometer sensor does not need to be vis... moreits proximity sensor nd light sensor for the auto brightness... :)

  • AnonD-74737

which one is best cpu..?
cortex A5 or cortex A9

  • thejack

i bought it, is very fast and with its keyboard is very useful, only bad things are the camera 2MPx and the low resolution of the screen but is not so bad, becouse of is only 3''
i come from a htc wilfire s and this smartphone is 10 time better if u write lot of text, the physical keybord also if its small is 1000 time better than a virtual!
internet navigation is very good, and with the A-gps u can get signal very fast
A piece of advice, buy it, for its low price is wonderfoul! and it has android 4.0.3!

  • sp

nickson, 06 Oct 2012hae guyz whch 1 is gud btw samsung galaxy chat and samsung ... moreI think you must go for galaxy y pro duos. because it has dual sim slot,front facing camera, 3MP rear camera (which are absent in galaxy chat) and it reads all files .

  • Priti

Kamal, 28 Sep 2012Dear Yanna, this is a newly introduced handset and is readi... moreHi Mate,

Please guide me as to whether they keypad is appropriate? It seems to be very small from the images so I want to confirm. also, please guide whether i should go for this ro galaxy y pro? (yahoo messenger)
priti.852000 (gtalk)



  • sam

het can any one tell how can i download my files directly to external SD card

  • nickson

hae guyz whch 1 is gud btw samsung galaxy chat and samsung galaxy y pro duos. I need one whch can play videos well, youtube, open ms word and pdf files and play pes 2011. Btw can it multitask. Thanks in advance

  • sid

Mammu, 04 Oct 2012hiii ... can som1 suggest me mobile with dual sim,touch nd ... moresamsung galaxy y pro duos

  • Anonymous

Sumukha, 03 Oct 2012Guys i'm confused between galaxy chat and galaxy 551 and al... moredude xperia mini pro is a cheap sick phone. Go fr chat. I feel like throwin my mini pro

  • AnonD-70315

overall i'm satisfied with his perform. May be the lack on this phone only on his poor camera

  • rb

can someone tell me if the screen resolution is similar to galaxy y and the battery is sufficient for 24 hrs if some one uses it normally, i.e few hr of net usage n chatting...

  • shahrukh irani

Can anyone inform that this phone has adobe flash player.

  • peter

There is update for this phone coming today. At least in Poland. There is comment about "improved stability". About 23MB.

I did not noticed any unstable behavior right from start, phone is working well, stable, no freezing or something. The only problem I have noticed was music interruption for a fraction of a second before update. From today, all is working great. No problems, and believe me, I can notice ANY tiny shit playing on my nerves.

Speaking of music - I'm happy with Samsung Chat as a music and audiobooks player. Player is noiseless, crystal sound, perfect dynamics. No audible distortion. Besides, it has good equalizer and fantastic headphone virtualization! If you know dolby headphone - phone has something like that.

Music player is great. That is, its usability is enough for me. Easy to use, fast, nice and simple. Clean UI.

And now latest cons:

- display is not a glass. It's a plastic. You can scratch it, so beware. At least its digitizer is capacitive, not f** resistive as in cheaper phones.

- back of a case is too slippery.

That's all for today. I installed Bad Piggie. Works great, smooth. Of course you can't expect high quality graphics (320x240 pixels), but game itself is funny and works without any problems.

This is really great phone for waiting for a better Samsung with qwerty, hi-res display, metal case and Jelly Bean :)

There is BIG difference between Android 2.x and ICS in terms of usability and user experience. I did not buy Motorola PRO+ just because its running 2.x. It's better hardware, but much worse software. So the only thing I can do is to wait for better phones with Android 4.xx. And Chat is great as "waitingfor" phone for a geek like me.

  • Mammu

hiii ... can som1 suggest me mobile with dual sim,touch nd keypad with gud quality of cam .. ??

  • peter

I bought it.

There is lack of Android 4.1 phones with qwerty. I wonder, why there is over 500 touch Android phones and you can name just three good qwerty Android business phones:

Motorola PRO+,
Samsung Chat
HTC ChaCha

The problem is, that only Motorola has HVGA screen and decent camera, but old Android version 2.x.

Others two have ugly screens and only Chat has ICS.

So. I'm using Samsung Chat now. ICS and qwerty is great.

But still I wait for business phone of my dreams with:
- Android ICS
- qwerty
- better resolution screen
- better camera
- better case (samsung is very cheap and fingerprint prone)
- and messaging LED for Christ sake!

So, Motorola PRO++ ICS could be great, but with vanilla ICS and message LED.

  • AC432113

Phone is superb high end download speed .....
another low cost master from samsung
thank you guyzzzz....

  • Essu

good phone bt no dual sim !!!! i want dual sim ... when launch dual sim ??

  • taran

i have been using this phone since 3 days ani i m finding this phone interesting day by day.. the specs are just fine and the most interesting part is that v r getting ics at such a low range i.e just rs 8100.. just love this cell.. only demerit is the low screen resolution.. guys go for it if u need a gud phone with such gud features