Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

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  • kery

i love this phone so much. but i hope samsung will produce better qwerty phone. hopefully the specs are at least as below: camera 5mp, video 720p 30fps, internal memory 8gb, 512ram, 1ghz dual core, 3.5" screen....i think it will be much better than blackberry...

  • Tan

More than 2days battery life with 2G casual use! Very good phone and nice keypad..

  • AnonD-72861

galaxy music and music duos have been announced and I don't think that they are better than the galaxy chat. The design is enough to scare people away.

  • nedjihyuga

how can this phone get an ICS and galaxy wonder didn't get ICS update, strange

  • Anonymous

when will this be available in Philippines? and how much ?


I Just bought it and the first impression is quite good...the software looks like a super mini SGS3 but i just hate the orange back-lit lights on white samsung ICS...Yuck

  • AnonD-72861

AnonD-74737, 08 Oct 2012there is a possibility to announce it's dual version in a press ... morethe galaxy music and s3 mini will be announced on the 11th of this month. There was no mention of chat duos but it is a possibility.

  • AnonD-72861

tried out the keypad in a store today and I must say that this is the most spacious keypad I've ever used. The keys were a bit tight though but there was nothing to say that I don't like it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-72861, 07 Oct 2012go for the chat. there is no point in buying the y pro or the y ... moreI agree

  • AnonD-74737

there is a possibility to announce it's dual version in a press conference in Germany conducting by samsung.
samsung galaxy music also announced same day.

  • d00m3d

it has Broadcom 21654 SoC which is ARM Cortex-A9 running on 832Mhz and 3G HSPA modem having 7.2mbps downstream and 5.8mbps upstreaming data rate.

  • helly

best qwerty phone 2012

  • Essam

can any one tell me please the loudspeaker of this cell?

  • dhanraj

it is very nice

  • Anonymous

AnonD-72861, 07 Oct 2012cortex A9 is betterCan u plz explain..?
How A9 is better then A5?

  • AnonD-72861

Priti, 06 Oct 2012Hi Mate, Please guide me as to whether they keypad is appropr... moreIMO you should try out the keypad yourself if you see it in a store because your comfort will depend on your finger size.

  • AnonD-72861

AnonD-74737, 06 Oct 2012which one is best cpu..? cortex A5 or cortex A9cortex A9 is better

  • AnonD-72861

nickson, 06 Oct 2012hae guyz whch 1 is gud btw samsung galaxy chat and samsung galax... morego for the chat. there is no point in buying the y pro or the y pro duos now. First of all the y pro family stuck on gingerbread i.e. old version of Android. The galaxy chat on the other hand has a much better processor and RAM and the new version of Android so it will perform much better than the y pro duos. Rear camera of 3 mp is almost the same as 2 mp. What I mean is that you will not get high quality photos from both the cameras. If you really need a front facing camera then the y pro duos will be okay but ff cameras in budget phones are of low quality and don't transmit high quality video. As far as videos, music, document reading and games are concerned the galaxy chat is much much better than the y pro duos because of the better processor, bigger screen and better RAM. I don't know whether it will play PES 2011 to your liking or not but I can easily say that it will be much better than the y pro duos in all cases. BTW if you want better display quality and bigger screen then you will have to increase your budget, but if you really want a qwerty then this one is the best in this price bracket. Lastly I want to say that the Galaxy Chat is an upgrade over the last year's Galaxy Y pro and you know what an upgrade is (everything is much better).

  • stinger

i have LG Optimus L3 (800mhz) and Huawei X3 (600mhz). Galchat is better for typing in a forum & chatting. but L3 and X3 is better for gaming (GPU adreno 200).
with 850mhz it runs ICS faster than sony tipo (800mhz). although tipo has adreno 200, i'm not sure it could run game faster than L3, or even X3 (600mhz gingerbread). i bought this just for my secondary phone, so i dont really care about camera and gpu. i have another phone with adreno 205 for gaming. if you are looking primary phone with low budget to do many things (game, chat, camera), i would recommend Motorola Fire XT530 (800mhz GB, larger screen, adreno 200, 1540mAh battery, and has front camera).

  • 3os

I need to know more about its battery as i am having nw htc chacha and the main reason for changing it is the low performance battery ..