Samsung Galaxy E7

Samsung Galaxy E7

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  • Irfan

AnonD-156573, 11 Jun 2015It is like grand prime and not like s3But in the picture it looks like round edges of e7, not lok like grand prime edges


Samsung galaxy e7 has corning gorilla glass 4 ???

  • Keyvan

Muneer_Panhwar, 19 Dec 2014Battery removable or non removable? Plz guys replyNon-removable

  • AnonD-405859

Coc is the only game which is laggin for me.....and am worried as its not supporting otg

  • kashyap

Needs android 5.0 lollipop plz

  • dbd

AnonD-156573, 12 Jun 2015Yes HDR is very fast. E7 and A7 are almost similar only differen... moreIs it so delicate that glass cracks as sum1 mentioned here? B'coz whenever m planning to buy can here a negative abt E7

  • munis

Ahsan, 12 Jun 2015Sir plz tell mee its suported 4g lte or notYes

  • shel

Its H not 4G. little bit disappointing but so far so good sometimes due to excessive using the phone was hung and it kills my vie.

  • nx-wizard

Its a great phone,I,m using it now,no lags,no hangs picture quality is good but the battery gets hot when charging but its not a big deal

  • xtreme

How to screen shot???pls tell me!!!

  • Anonymous

I want a buy a samsung galaxy e7.Is it a good dsn for me?

  • Ahsan

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2015best cell phone, i have bought yesterday continuously using with... moreSir plz tell mee its suported 4g lte or not

  • figo

imu, 11 Jun 2015Which is better E7 or A7A7 of course

  • Balu

Hi guys, this phn is good only for few days.I bought this phn 2months back.currently i am facing heating problem with this phn. Even if i charge the phn it is getting overheat.if i switch on the wifi for a while it is getting overheat.what is the use of buying such a phn with worth 20000rs when it is having heat problem. Waste of money.

  • dev

is there any hanging or heating issues during playing hd games?

  • Anonymous

Nalf, 12 Jun 2015Amazing I bought yesterday, and working with good performance wi... moreIn E7 4G is there..............It accepts Only 3G right

  • AnonD-405629

I bought the e7 recently and it is very amazing mobile with amazing features and good design and i think it is very good choice according to the price of the phone

  • jay patil

very good mobile

  • AnonD-156573

dbd, 12 Jun 2015Is HDR mode is quick like on S5 (where it was 1st introduced)? A... moreYes HDR is very fast. E7 and A7 are almost similar only difference being gorilla glass 4 processor. If you don't play heavy games go for e7.

  • dbd

AnonD-156573, 12 Jun 2015No, it is already there. Open rear camera, click on modes, then ... moreIs HDR mode is quick like on S5 (where it was 1st introduced)? Also wat u suggest aftr use..E7 or A7?
I liked stripes on bezel of E7 like N4 bt didn't like d round edge