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Samsung Galaxy F62

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For GSM Arena. The Galaxy F62 have Protect Gorilla Glass 3+ like M51

  • AnonD-804996

Hank Ryan, 20 Feb 2021This is ufs only. The cheaper older m30s comes with ufs. Wh... moreThere were phones with massive batteries but only came with eMMC which was a bummer since eMMC is notoriously laggy when doing things.

  • Kg rajbhar

What this phone is 5g

Steve, 19 Feb 2021phone videographers will hate it, no 60fts, no 4K at all?It should have 4k. My m30s supports 4k

Haji, 19 Feb 2021Waiting for compact screen about 5"Then you have to give up large batteries then

1, 20 Feb 2021I think this will only be released in IndiaStore nearby me in the gcc is bringing this over. Not sure if it's a grey market import tho

AnonD-804996, 19 Feb 2021There is no mention of UFS or eMMC. I hope it's the fi... moreThis is ufs only. The cheaper older m30s comes with ufs. Why wouldn't this?

i think overpriced.....

That's very nice 👍☺️ this is power full and beuty.

  • Ra

one ui 3.1 core

  • 1

I think this will only be released in India

54-Rchasm, 19 Feb 2021Not OP but Yeah, keyword: "Some". But the guy ... moreQuick tip: Use Kimovil for checking prices, not gsmarena. That site isn't perfect, but the price checking system has gone through a lot more development than gsmarena's.

There you'll see that phones like the Redmi 10X cost half as much as this while having practically identical specs. I can list more superior phones at much cheaper price points if you want, but the 10X was the most objective comparison. Just to show what this phone is really worth.

EDIT: I don't know if my memory is messing with me or if gsmarena changed the expected price, but I thought it said 450 euros. Now it says 270, which is more reasonable but still pretty bad considering it's plastic and has a 60hz display.

  • AnonD-804996

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2021Yes 7000mah inside 9.5mm thickness is super impressive. Th... moreThere is no mention of UFS or eMMC. I hope it's the first, given chipset supports UFS... There were phones with massive batteries, but used eMMC and that's rubbish because even if chipset is capable, things just lag because of that, especially when installing apps and stuff.

  • Kev

I'm happy that Samsung is re-using old flagship chips for their cheaper phones.

If we are comparing mid-range or older flagship chips, I seriously don't care if its Exynos or Snapdragon; The issues lie in the newer flagship battles between the likes of 865 vs 990 and 888 vs 2100

  • N

Will it be available in uk

Will it be available in Europe?

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2021A52 5G is better with snapdragon chipset, 5G, 120 Hz, IP67,... moreBut A52 5G only comes with a 4500mAh battery while F62 comes with a 7000 mAh battery, sorry they are no comparison

Yes, you right but Samsung gives updates fast to Exynos processor than snapdragon. Samsung keeps snapdragon on hold even budget Exynos get early updates than high end snapdragon midrangers.

  • Haji

Waiting for compact screen about 5"

  • Anonymous

bobby53787, 19 Feb 2021Samsung F62 or Samsung A52 5G ?A52 5G is better with snapdragon chipset, 5G, 120 Hz, IP67, not so bulky