Samsung Galaxy F62

Samsung Galaxy F62

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  • Anonymous

Plastic chassis don't really bother me IF this is the newer process = 80+% ocean sourced recycled then we're actually paying to save the environment. Problem is no one knows if it's even that and the choice colour schemes here lol I'm actually mildly shocked that Samsung green lighted this at all.

  • Anonymous

Most are saying that they used 2 years old exynos chipset. Fie! Fie! Shame on Samsung!!! They are pretending that 2 years old exynos is equivalent to snapdragon 460 or something like that. I admit that exynos are weaker than snapdragon in most cases. Maybe that 9825 was weaker than 855 that time. But it doesn't significantly mean it is weaker than snapdragon 750/720 what other manufacturers are giving at this price point. For example, in antutu gpu test sd 750g scores 77000 whereas e9825 scores 180000+. I know antutu is not 100% accurate but this is more than 2.5 times difference. So how bad e9825 will be in gaming? In 3dmark SD750g scores 6 fps whereas this scores 20 fps. Do you know how much the difference is? This phone is really a surprice from samsung. Last year a51 costed even more than this phone but was not even one tenth in terms of performance. Vivo v20 pro costs 7000 inr more than this with worse camera, worse chipset, worse battery that also has 60 hz. So what else can you expect from a renowned brand like samsung????

  • SGF62

Great Alternative To S10/Note10 With Excellent 7000Mah Battery Life.

  • Anonymous

Damn i can't believe samsung haters are dissing this phone as well. Alongside all the other specs you get an exynos 9825(note 10's chipset) for an incredible price. What else could you want?

  • Anonymous

secco, 15 Feb 2021Wrong choice as a processor. At least better than SD 7series

  • SpeeedY

Amazing phone for 270 euros...every spec is top. But probably for the indian or chinese market as usual. Other countries have to pay much more for underspecs Samsung phones...

are exynos chips good? and how good is the gpu for this phone? isn't a samsung flagship sooo shouldn't be that great?

The design is so ugly, on top of the materials. They could've gone with a design that compliments the awful plastic they use, like the Poco M3, but no. They chose to make this phone ugly as hell, on top of the materials, on top of the god awful specs.

TechFlash, 17 Feb 2021Yeah true, but dude....this one is super similar to Mi 10T ... more10t Pro has way better specs and 144hz

  • PSxUchiha

Technoprat, 17 Feb 2021Looks like a great phone. Would definitely buy it to suppor... moreThese phones that you are calling crap are much better value. If you're into rooting and installing custom ROMs then Xiaomi phones have the best dev support and I don't particularly like OneUI that much so these phones are the way to go. The ad revenue would be non existent since you simply wipe the stock firmware. Although that's a risky process, it's very rewarding since you can flash stock android builds which offer better stability and cleaner, bloated free experience. And Realme's, despite poor development, are pretty great value for money no matter what way you look at it. If you're biased against chinese phones in general then that's another matter entirely.

  • TechFlash

Clay 3030, 17 Feb 2021Speak for yourself Samsung fan anyone will not buy this pho... moreToo early to be negative about it, just wait and see when it's out.

  • TechFlash

Clay 3030, 17 Feb 2021Speak for yourself Samsung fan anyone will not buy this pho... moreYeah true, but dude....this one is super similar to Mi 10T Pro but a better version! headphone jack, AMOLED screen, and Micro SD card. This one takes the win. I know most many people excited for this after they heard this F62 and its specs.

  • AnonD-973296

this is better than M51, EX9825 destroys the 730G (on paper at least), the only downside for the exynos is that games are usually optimized for SD chips more often than exynos chips

  • Anonymous

is this phone available soon in the srilanka?

  • Ki shu

How to keep these large size phones in our pocket. Even it's very difficult to hold.

  • not me

jayson, 17 Feb 2021is this phone available soon in the philippines? anybody knows? probably not. if F41 didn't made it to the Philippines, what are the chances of F62 making it there?

  • Mobileuser

viewer, 17 Feb 2021camera no OIS and video no EIS? how about the picture&... moreIt has eis

  • Clay 3030

TechFlash, 17 Feb 2021Better than Xiaomi phones. Samsung won't fail us.Speak for yourself Samsung fan anyone will not buy this phone if is higher than 350 euro

Just launched in India

  • TechFlash

Better than Xiaomi phones. Samsung won't fail us.