Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

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  • shield

AnonD-482147, 09 Jun 2016How much cost j3 2016 in europe countries? In my Country (Serbi... more140 pounds in UK (Carphone Warehouse)

  • Anonymous

sexybeast, 12 Jun 2016I got the phone, love the phone. It's not as good as the 7 edge ... moreU r an fool if you comparing J3 with S7 edge..Jeez !!

  • AnonD-549090

will the battery draining issue be solved after marshmallow update?

  • Mazed

I am using j3 .battery back up good.but it takes 5.-6 hour for charging complete.please tell anybody how can I solve this problem. Is it problem?

  • AnonD-540307

Is the only difference between the 2016 & 2015 version of this phone, the camera 8MP as opposed to the 5MP?

  • Nesha

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) or HTC Desire 530, and why?

  • AnonD-548956

dinamo, 29 May 2016It can not be made by china. china is not an entity. it can be m... moreMy cats name is china. She might have made it.

  • Guddu

north or south / east or west samsung is the best !!
no one can beat samsung smartphones !

  • Rohit

J3 is capable for marshmallow version?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2016which is the best phone on 5 or j3 please answer me guys j3

  • Guddu

Hey how much RAM are free ?

  • Tina

Mic stops working in phonecall. Anybody have similar problem with that? Please replay

  • Cski

AnonD-548093, 13 Jun 2016I love it. $139.99 for a super AMOLED display. Quad-Core prcesso... moreI meant " must have apps" not just apps installed on my phone. It has a good bit of junk apps, but I dowloaded an app that remove those apps, then deleted it.

  • Anonymous

Please tell me whether it is suitable for gaming?

  • vj

im .ow confused to take this phone because i want more information from you users how it works

  • AnonD-548093

I love it. $139.99 for a super AMOLED display. Quad-Core prcessor, 16 GB ROM, 1.5GB RAM. I hated it at first as I had a s3 for 4 years, so it took about two weeks to get it set to what I wanted. Here is a list of apps
1) AVG Free (at least) virus protection. I bought the AVG pro personal so I can have it installed on my laptop, phone, and Microsoft Surface 2. It was like $15 bucks for a year, and includes automatic Junk App removal tool and regular maintenance is automatic. I run two churches on AVG, and found it is, in one word, awesome.
2) AASPEEDOMETER .- It is a Heads Up Display HUD. I am left handed, and my relatively fast car (2013 Optima SX-T (Turbo). It is not a sports car or race car, and it rides on soft tires and shocks. I am left handed, and my hand and arm cover the speedometer in the hard to read deep pods that make up the instrument panel. I got 3 tickets in 1 week during a county "sting" operation. I swore never again. Since buying AA Speedometer (first and only app I ever bought.) 3 years ago, I have not received a ticket. Can't wait until September when they drop off my insurance.
3) Go Weather- It has all these backgrounds that man times compliment your phone, and you get widgets free. I used the free widgets for 4 years, so I just spent 5 bucks and you get all the widgets for free and NO MORE ADS.

Anyway, I am not going on any further, Good phone, good price, use a good TPU cover, etc.
I like it a lot...I don't love it...but I really like it. Why don't I love it? Cheap plastic case. I got a black, thin, soft case that looks like it came with the phone. Also, the .5gb of ram the could have easily installed.

  • sexybeast

I got the phone, love the phone. It's not as good as the 7 edge but owell

  • Anonymous

which is the best phone on 5 or j3 please answer me guys

  • AnonD-547790

aljane, 10 Jun 2016i bought recently my samsung galaxy j3 here in qatar... as a new... moreDon't worry. The youtube part is a problem for any device. It's either from your data, wifi or youtube.

  • james

aljane, 10 Jun 2016i bought recently my samsung galaxy j3 here in qatar... as a new... moremy girlfriend is working in dammam. and she also brought me a samsunG J3. YOU CANNOT USE the phone in the philippines. unless if you activated it in saudi. for you to activate that phone is you need to call a phone number came from philippines by using a saudi arabian number. once you call it for almost 5 to 10 mins. you can use your phone in philippines because its already activated.