Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

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  • AnonD-419825

imran, 06 May 2016J3(16) how amp adaptor Output 5.0 v 1.0 amp

  • AnonD-419825

kumuu, 06 May 2016GoldGold different style

  • AnonD-419825

oooo, 07 May 2016This phone is hang/not?No hanging issue from last 15 days

  • Anonymous

AnonD-141584, 08 May 2016I am considering buying the Samsung J3 2016 DUAL SIM. I am wond... morehow about j2 2016?

  • AnonD-419825

AnonD-42010, 07 May 2016Please freinds i need help. : Can i use 4 g with sim1 and sim2 (... moreI have galaxy j3 yes you can use 4g 3g 2g both sims

  • AnonD-141584

I am considering buying the Samsung J3 2016 DUAL SIM. I am wondering are there other phones, which offer better value for money or more features?. I want a phone with radio, dual sim. I don't mind if the phone is smaller. I did consider the Samsung A3 2016, but they crippled the DUAL SIM, as you can either have SIM 2 or memory car, the battery is not removeable.

I have a Samsung GT7582 S2 Duos, which is perfect, but I it does not have enough memory. I am having to uninstall apps.

I need a phone which is powerful as a Sat-Nav (Google Maps) and I can listen to music whilst driving.

I also notice the J3 2016 is only available in 8Gb not 16Gb in my country.

  • AnonD-42010

Please freinds i need help. : Can i use 4 g with sim1 and sim2 (on j3)?????

  • sangita

i want a good battery backup n ram with no hanging n heating issue which one is gud j3 or j5??

  • Deb


I took delivery of Samsung Galaxy 3J 2 days ago but struggling to connect to wi-fi when it does connect (switching off modem) it wont stay connected and then wont connect unless wi-fi switched off again. Been through help line and they cant get it connected even after restoring it back to factory settings. Has anyone else had any problems swapping it Monday hoping it is just this phone and not a weakness with this model

  • Pradip

Samsung J3 Phone Sim 2/1 and is phone memory card & sim 2 standby

  • oooo

draz, 23 Apr 2016no, its 8 mp back, 5mp front.This phone is hang/not?

  • AnonD-419825

Naseeb, 07 May 2016Which mobile is better J5 or J3?mr naseeb i have galaxy j3 (gold colour) according to me look wise j3 better then j5 (promise)no hanging issue,no heating issue ,camera clearty good but j5 camera better then j3

  • AnonD-419825

i have galaxy j3 (2016 gold colour) 15days old look wise j3 great phone (gold colour) performanse wise good phone camera clearty good ,battery backup great, no heating issue all over j3 full value for money CONS samsung my knox app not support ,samsung own music player not preinstalled .

  • boparai

Naseeb, 07 May 2016Which mobile is better J5 or J3?i have galaxy j3 gold colour according to me look wise j3 better but u want very good camera go for j5

  • Naseeb

Which mobile is better J5 or J3?

  • AnonD-534543

Hi guys in north africa & i have doubt that my J3 is weak comparing to europe J3 who support 4G (mine doesnt)... it note that good in games ,not big games .. just tumple run & subway surf it lag too much so im asking you who has J3 if it has a good perfomance in tumple run & if you hav ARM cortex-A7 1.3ghz in your J3 ,,,,, thx guys

  • AMiNE

hi guys im using J3 since 5days its good phone ,, but i have problem in games not big games , just tumple run & subwaysurf .. its lag it thees games ... im in north africa maybe J3 for north africa is week , do you have guys Cortex a7 1.3 ghz in your J3 ?

  • Anonymous

j2 2016 is better (but not so much) than j3 2016... no need for explanation just read the specification of these two phones..

  • kumuu

Anonymous, 05 May 2016which J3 color do you like best "white or gold"Gold

  • imran

J3(16) how amp adaptor